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  1. bunks for my trailer

    I am in the process of making a camping trailer. Here are the built in bunk beds I made. I used military type frames installed in boxes and hinged them inside a another box attached to the sides of the trailer:
  2. Myrtle Footed Cup

    Here is my first Footed Cup. Just had to go get a turning block from Rockler today. 4×4 x 4 inch block of Myrtle. Could not tell a lot about the wood when I bought it. It was covered with wax. When I was turning it all the great grain showed up, I REALLY like the RAYS going across it. Decided...
  3. Wood & Lumber
    hello all, I just moved to the Springfield, MA area and my wife has quite a few projects lined up for me. I was wondering if someone knew where I could find some good refurbished wood in my area. Thank you for the help. Respectfully, Marc
  4. Wood & Lumber
    I have some good friends that bring me lumber or wood whenever they come across something they think is either nice or has a back story. I usually take the lumber and the story at face value and then I will make them something out of a portion of the wood to thank them for the effort and...
1-4 of 4 Results