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  1. Restored Tilt Top Table

    Restored tilt top table for a friend. All three legs had to reattached, which led to some creative clamping (second picture). There were also many bits that had simply broken off over time. Each of the three tripod legs had snapped off at some point in the life of this table, and blocks had to...
  2. oak 'jury' chair

    Photo 1. finshed chair Photo 2. re-glueing seat and leg assembly Photo 3. Seat with duplicated back rest on right side - not stained
  3. Master-at-Arms Coin Display

    A gentleman approached me at a craft show and asked if I could do a custom coin display for a friend. He brought me the coins and I inset them into a piece of walnut flooring I got from an elderly woodworker who was closing his shop. I've never done a custom coin shape other than round so I did...
  4. Wood Barn Pulley Table Top

    This table top is an old wooden pulley that used to hang at the top of a barn ceiling to lift heavy bails of hay high up into the loft to be stored dry. We refinished the top, stained it, and added a glass top.
  5. Refinished Dresser

    I found this solid birch dresser on craigslist for $125. Looked like it had a lot of potential so I snagged it and refinished it. The most interesting feature are the built-in curved handles. The furniture company is Heywood Wakefield and the piece is most likely from the 50's from what I...
  6. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Holy crap! does this fella not receive the harbor freight flyer? I'm watching this and if he suckers someone into buying this baby for 900 bucks i'm gonna loose all hope in humanity! Thats probably an exageration but you get my drift.
1-6 of 6 Results