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  1. Red Oak Desk

    I have been reading and enjoying this websites community long before I finally created an account. Since creating one nothing has really came to mind on what to post about so figured I'd start with a desk I made not long ago. A customer was looking for a large desk to put in the office room of...
  2. Clock

    I built this clock in my high-school woods class, it's main wood is walnut but the trim and feet are red oak.
  3. Cutting Board

    To make this cutting board, I first cut slim pieces of white birch and red oak using a table saw. Then, I glued them together. Next, after the glue was dry, I cut the board into slices again. Then, I glued them back together in a pattern. I sanded the sides used a vibrating sander. Then, I used...
  4. Mantle Clock

    I made this amazing piece of art in my wahoo high woods class. I used red oak because it really popped to me. I used tung oil to put a nice gold look to my clock.
  5. Mantle Clock

    I made this mantle clock in woods class. I used red oak to make it. I cut up the wood using things like the table saw, band saw, miter saw, and more. I applied oil based finish when I was all finished.
  6. Tool Cabinet

    This is a tool chest that I made in the memory of my Dad. When he died he left me some walnut wood and some of his tools. So I wanted to use the wood in a special way, after much thought and deliberation I decided on a tool chest. And I had very little wood left when I finished. I made it...
  7. Stepstool

    Built if for school. I used cherry. We used jointers and stuff to make it say together. Made it in woods class. I picked the design beacause it looked awesome. I used no stain. But i did use formby's tung oil
  8. Wine Box

    A wine box I made. Walnut ends, sycamore sides, red oak dowels. The wine is homemade rice wine by my father-in-law. The ribbon and tag made by my wife for our wedding. Custom spelling;) Fun Project.
  9. Miniature Harley Carving

    Thought i`d show this project off, i only have 4 pic`s of it left. I made it a number of years ago and it was sold the same day i finished it. It`s was about 8" long by about 6" high and alot of small pieces were carved for it. I think the v-twin motor alone had something like 40 pieces. The...
  10. Stumpy's Tubafore Contest Entry 2x4 Box

    After starting my first 2×4 box, I realized I was making many mistakes. I started my second 2×4 box shortly after starting the first. Each box is started by riping a 2×4 into 1/4 inch strips. This is lots of fun and makes lots of sawdust. I picked out the better strips and glued them together...
  11. Red Oak & Walnut Block coffee table

    Finally, it is finished. This is a simple slabbed coffeetable with black walnut breadboard ends and hand cut dowels of some very hard and dark but indeterminate wood (wish i knew what it was). the dowels are really just long wood buttons set flush with the walnut to cover the fasteners (and...
  12. Rustic Red Oak Stool

    Well, I decided to upload something a little different than the wooden rings I've been posting. :) Here's a rustic stool I made several months back from storm-damaged oak. It was given to one of my uncles as a gift. The joinery is very simple: Mortises were drilled with a forstner bit, and...
  13. Cabinet Refacing

    This is my inlaws newly refaced kitchen. The whole family had a part in this project. We set up shop in thier garage for a week. We worked most days for 12 to 14 hours. It was a big project to get done in one week, but we all banded together and got everything stained. My inlaws had someone...
  14. Electric Violin

    I had alot of fun with this project. I have yet learned how to play it lol . The body and neck are red oak and fingerboard is walnut .All the wood is from reclaimed barn wood . It took about a year to complete , working on it on and off.
  15. Bowls

    Some of the first bowls I made. Went down hill from there. Actually I got the wood off ebay. Nice cuts. Made these on a 46 dollar lathe I bought off ebay I sold recently, wish I had'nt, now I'm latheless while my Delta is getting repaired. mike
  16. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hello, How important is a Dust Collector (DC) clean out box (or bag) below a two stage DC? This is the box, bucket, or bag below a filter, that collects the fine particles, not collected in a cyclone or separator. I notice some DC's don't have them. I ask because I'm finishing building a...
  17. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Is 5/8" thick redoak too thin for a kitchen table. The approx. size is 4'x7'. The redoak that I have cupped and I can get just below 3/4" thick when planned.
  18. Woodworking Skill Share
    New to the site and a new bowyer just wanted to pick up as many tips as i can im build my first red oak american flatbow tommorow and would like some tips and like to say hi to everyone here
  19. Finishing
    I am.staining red oak with old masters oil based American Walnut stain. This mysterious spot appeared after I stained the wood that was not visible before. I sanded it to 220 before applying the stain. I made sure there was no dust or anything on the wood before staining. I applied the stain...
  20. Blogs
    getting a good start... so far i've gotten off to a great start, just a little nervous about posting on such an esteemed sight but you guys seem alright :) the link below will take you to the open-to-the-public web album where i will update photos of my project as it moves along. well it's...
1-20 of 25 Results