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  1. Arts & Crafts Storage Coffee Tables

    For my fourth furniture project ever, my sister-in-law asked if I'd make them a coffee table as a wedding present. I asked them what they wanted and they asked me to suggest something. I showed them the Stickley catalog and pointed to the Harvey Ellis Storage Coffee Table that I was planning...
  2. Redemption Project

    I built a coin display similar to this when I first began woodworking. There were a lot of things that I did with that project that I didn't like knowing what I know now such as using butt joints for the coin rows, not drilling pilot holes for the hinge screws, and not knowing how to use a...
  3. Simple red oak wine rack in window space

    This was a very simple design for a very simple function: hold wine bottles. I had this nice window between my kitchen and living rooms, and decided it was the perfect spot. The only hiccup I ran into was the angles-I was hoping to angle them a little more, but despite drilling my test boards at...
  4. Coffee Table in progress

    Here is the coffee table I am working on for my wife. Hope to finish it up after christmas. Will have a week off before i have to go back to work.
  5. Shadow Box Coffee Table

    I have been slacking in posting lately-it has been a very productive year in the shop-time to catch up w/ my fellow LJ's. I built this for myself & my upcoming retirement from the USAF, I may be a few years early-but I am ready. I have plenty of room for my momentos & trinkets to highlight my...
  6. Celtic Passion

    You can't make just one tray. Someone you know and love will want one too.
  7. GAME BOARD called murder

    this is a game i grew up playing with my family, most people know it as yahoo or wahoo but some of us know it as murder (play against three sisters and you'll know why). the flip side can be used as a chess or checker board.
  8. Red Oak End Table

    This is a red oak shaker end table stained with a red mahogany and sealed with 3 coats of a wipe on poly. Joinery is pocket hole screws ( I know I know, this will be my last project with them). Plans from Canadian Home Workshop.
  9. Nursing stool

    my wife wanted me to make some of these stools for the breast feeding clinic at the local hospital. not sure if thats gonna pan out but i made them anyways. red oak and wipe on poly. made cutting jigs and templates to make it easier to make more in the future if i do sell some
  10. Computer Desk Upgrade

    I made a desk a couple of years ago that I was never happy with. The second to last picture shows what I originally made. The biggest portion of this project was the custom file cabinet. It used good quality Blum slides since the file has a lot of weight. They work great in a situation like...
  11. Crib for my first baby

    My first big project. Solid red oak crib, built a matching changing table to go along with it.
  12. First Bandsaw Box

    This is my first bandsaw box. It is spalted maple, cherry, and walnut finished with satin poly rub. The bottom is merlot velvet. The handle is cedar. Boy - are these guys fun. I have made more and have about a dozen in various states of completion. I'll share more pictures. What I like...
  13. Screen Door

    I spent the weekend making a new screen door. The door that was there when I bought the house had warped so badly that it could no longer shut. I priced a new screen door at Home Depot. They wanted $60 for a finger jointed pine door which was the same door that I was replacing. Figured I could...
  14. Afghan Rack

    My cousins husband had died, and he was an avid scroll sawyer, and he had made the panels. She had given me a bunch of his things, and the panels sat around for maybe a year, and I could never find a project to use them with. One day she had asked me to make her an afghan rack to hold an afghan...
  15. Chevron Shadow Box w/Stand

    A customer contacted me and asked if she could order one of my chevron shadow boxes with a stand. Well since I had never made one w/a stand before I figured I was up for a challenge. I knew it had to have some weight to it as she wanted it to sit on a table and not fall over. But I also...
  16. Blue Clock combining Kokomo glass and pen blanks

    I like working with colorful Kokomo glass. No pieces are the same colors because it is hand mixed in a random fashion. I also found some very unique stabilized box elder pen blanks from Penn State Industries. I tried out my design on green glass first and posted it on this web site. Next I...
  17. Build a light box!!! Great for the shop and craft room!

    I filmed the build on my YouTube Channel. Please check it out! I needed a light box for my office. I use it when I do decal work and trace things for the office or workshop. The build consists of red oak, glue, plexi glass, white paint, electrical items. Primary construction method was box...
  18. Red Oak and Mahogany Box

    My Uncle was kind enough to give me a whole bunch of Red oak he had milled from some trees that fell in an ice storm a couple years ago. I intend to put a bunch of it to use making the stair treads in my home. First though I wanted to make something for their home. I unfortunately was unable...
  19. Hall Table

    I made this table for my wife, it is made from Red Oak, Poplar drawer sides, and Red Mahogany inlay. First time I have done any inlay work and I must say, I am very pleased with the way it came out and wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. I thought about using walnut for the inlay, but...
481-500 of 500 Results