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  1. Two boxes using the Incra jig

    These are two small boxes made with the help of Incra's Ultra lite dovetail jig. I have been making lots of sawdust and only these two boxes remain. I've learned a lot and owe much of my learning progress to internet friends who guided me thru the process.
  2. Basting Brushes

    Basting brushes I turned for my father and brothers. The wood is red heart and box elder burl.
  3. Intarsia Bearded Dragon Wall Hanging

    This one took awhile to finish and has 237 different pieces. I tried to take some pictures to show the depth of this piece because I used a lot of shims and used wood from 2 inches down to 1/2. The face looks blue, but it is really wenge and it is the way the light hit it for the picture. No...
  4. desk

    desk im making,,, african mahogany,, redheart,,ebony,pink ivory.. fire was cut and inlayed with a router,, i dont have a bandsaw yet.. cant wait to show the final projec.t its 6ft long,, about 33 tall,, im rather tall so i made it to fit,, the middle top is for drawing,, its angled,, pink ivory...
  5. Valentine Present

    I recently made myself a 45 degree miter sled after reading a Fine Woodworking article about box making. I made a small box to test out the sled. It was so nice that I didn't want to throw it away, so I started pondering what I could do with it. It was close to Valentines day so I came up with...
  6. answering the call ! the chalenge #1

    a while back , i did a blog on midterm exam challenge , this is my response to that challenge to myself . it's only fair that i should do this too ! also , Jim Crockett posted a question about some spline types that he didn't understand the construction...
  7. Turned Christmas Ornaments

    Here are some Christmas ornaments I made on the lathe. These are based off of ornament kits available from woodworking stores. I used two different styles of the kits on the ornaments. The kits use a pen turning mandrel and have a brass tube that goes in the center of the piece similar to with...
  8. My First Serving Tray

    Honestly, my first post here at Lumber Jocks as well. I've been a woodworker of sorts for most of my life, but mostly as a hobby, to fix things up, or build those things I for some reason think I myself am able to build, instead of doing things the easy way, by buying it from a store. Besides...
  9. First attempt at a flute

    Made of red heart. Need to perfect the design though. It plays notes, but not perfectly.
  10. "Spearhead"

    Definition of "Spearhead": a leading element, force, or influence in an undertaking or development Yes…I can design a box around that word….and that's how the design of Spearhead started. The body of Spearhead came from a chance encounter with a beautiful piece of Maple Burl I purchased from...
  11. 3 versions of the Ohio State O cutting boards

    Cutting boards,red heart,vera wood
  12. Entrance Bench

    My wife wanted a bench for guests to sit down on when removing or putting their shoes on when they came to visit. After looking at many designs on line I chose two that I really liked and combined aspects of each along with my choice of woods. My son Dan and I built it. Here is the final result...
  13. Entrance Bench

    My dad and me made this bench for my mom. We used 3 different woods in it. Here's the results.
  14. US Flag End Grain Cutting Board

    End grain cutting board. Purpleheart, redheart, and hard maple. Finish is mineral oil. Stars were inlaid via CNC. Size: 15 1/2" x 8 1/2". Plans came from MTM woodworks.
  15. Rudolf and friends

    Just in time to wrap for gifts. Leftover spalted maple from my entertainment center (harvested from my property in Mid Michigan). The hooves are walnut, the antlers are also sugar maple, unspalted. The nose is red heart. Inspired by workshop companion.
  16. Got Band-Aids? Porcupine Wood ‘N Pencil Holders

    The variety of color, texture, smell and figure in wood never ceases to amaze me. Many woods are so beautiful I can just stare at the grain for hours. Some I love to sand just to have a pleasant scent wafting through the air. And other woods beckon to be touched and worked. I wanted a sort of...
  17. Jewelry boxes for my girls

    I made these for my two youngest daughters for Christmas this year. As always I wish I'd had more time. One is Purple Heart with maple and walnut center the other is Red heart with cherry center. Finished with Bush oil.
  18. A ring I made to be added to a chain of rings.

    I made this out of red, yellow and purple heart with maple indexes. The yellow heart is splined into the side with a dowel jig I made, not for strength but for a little added appeal. This is going to go out to a younger maker in England to be added to a large chain of other rings made by other...
  19. Wine Stopper: Rosewood Series NO.1

    see more of the story @ Series NO.1 Made from Brazilian Rosewood Hardware is stainless steel Each is made from reclaimed wood from the furniture industry in North Carolina. Each is hand turned and sanded to a high polish. Each stopper is finished with at...
  20. The good life

    This is a pattern by Carol & Homer bishop. I had it enlarged to make it 30 X 38. This is made of 25 different woods and 233 pieces. I weighs 40-50 lbs. These pictures do not do it justice but it is the best I can take at this time. This was a project that took me 4 months to work on over the...
1-20 of 54 Results