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  1. Roubo Workbench

    Here is my finished Roubo. I used Bencrafted vises and Amos Tucker holdfasts. I have been working on this off and on for 5 months. It was a great experience and I had many problems to solve and lots of hard work. I am so glad that I tackled it, because now I have a firm platform to build...
  2. My latest two bowls

    Bowl turning is fun even though I cut to deep on a couple of them and took out the bottom on one of my other learning curve pieces. I have since bought a digital readout caliper to help eliminate cutting too much off. No fun watching half a bowl go flying through the air, ha ha. I remember...
  3. New Hardwood slabs - Ash, Hickory, Elm, & 3 Walnut logs worth

    Here are some new slabs, & a rare peek into an Amish mill. They are not too keen on cameras. I believe this mill is all run on gasoline, they are not too keen on the power company either. All kids, none over 16 & one old crankey guy. They are nice enough though! LOL So ya there is red elm...
  4. just a bowl

    I thought I would make a bowl or two. as these are my first bowls they are a bit unimpressive. I have to do some studying and put on my thinking cap to come up with something stunning. so far I am thinking along the lines of different types of woods and a mixture. Shape looks like it is the most...
  5. Green Elm Wood Bowl Project

    Twice a week I drove by my favorite firewood yard to no avail. I was running out of green wood to turn when two tons of Elm arrived. Logs were up to 3 feet in diameter and weighed up to 350 lbs because of the high water content. It took two pickup loads to satisfy my eagerness to try turning...
  6. Ripple

    This is red elm turned to 2.75" tall by 5.5" wide. It is finished with leather dye, spray polycrylic, liming wax and Briwax.
  7. Spalted Red Elm Bowl

    Small bowl turned from spalted red elm. Finished with a couple coats of tung oil. Measures about 6" wide by 2 1/2 tall.
  8. Red Elm

    This was turned from red elm. It is 3" tall by 8" wide and has a wipe-on poly finish.
  9. Di

    This platter is turned from red elm and measures 1.5" tall by 10" wide. It is finished with wipe-on poly. The grain reminds me of a candle in the wind.
  10. Red Elm and Ebony

    I went to the Woodworking Show in Tampa, Fl last week and picked up a couple blank turning pieces and this is one of them. I have not turned Spalted Red Elm before and found it a delight to turn although the odor it gives off smells like a horse stall! I learned how to make the unique finial a...
  11. Solid Red Elm Mash Paddle

    This was a paddle I made for a customer back in January of this year. She wanted something that had a lot of wild grain, plus it needed to be darker in color and stand up well to the damp environment that these paddles must endure. I searched around in my local hardwood store until I saw two...
  12. wall clock

    Here is a wall clock i made it is about 6"x14" and 1/4" thick. made from curly walnut and red cumaru. danish oil and wax for the finish
  13. His & Hers Wine Barrel Chairs

    My latest production was this His & Hers wine barrel chair set. I used a Bordeaux barrel for his chair because it is a couple inches taller than the Burgandy barrel for her chair. I used the metal barrel hoops for accents/supports on the back of his chair and wood accents/supports for her chair.
  14. Rock Bottom

    This is laminated red elm and walnut. It measures 4.5" tall by 8.5" wide and is finished with wipe-on poly.
  15. Look Ma, NO GRAPES!

    No, I didn't run out of grapes....just thought I should get off that train (of thought) for a while. This bowl is about 7 1/2 inches in diameter and made from two layers of Red Elm, with quarter sawn oak the middle. I seem to learn something from each project….this time, that Red Elm is a very...
  16. Dining Table

    A dining table with a little G&G influence I have been working on. The base and bread board ends are made from cherry and the top is made up of 6 different species of hardwood; red oak, maple, white ash, red elm, black walnut and willow. I chose to do it this way as I am in the final stages of...
  17. Garden bench for Father

    A couple weeks ago my dad was telling me that he needed me to cut some new slats to replace ones that had rotted on his park bench that sets out front of the house. He needs a hip replacement (next week) and is usually in enough pain that he doesn't sleep all night so he sits out front on the...
  18. LED Desk Lamp

    My wife was really in need of an additional light source on her desk at work and wondered if I could make her a desk lamp. "Sure" I mean, how hard could that be??? LOL I always wanted to play around with using LED's in a project, so I designed the project with that idea in mind and this is...
  19. Turned Red Elm Friction Fitted Lidded Box

    Just finished a red elm turned box. Used a brand new set of Raffan Turning Tools with the asymmetric grind. Now I have the tools, I just need more practice to get the skills. Had a few issues with chucking and lost the piece three times! Finish it boiled linseed oil and beeswax. More photos...
1-20 of 36 Results