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  1. Patio Table with benches from Pallet wood

    Hello All, My first finished project is part of my recycling pallet wood blog located here: & Recently I have set up a great deal with a local store to get their...
  2. Pallet Seated Highchair for my Daughter.

    Hello Everybody! I recently finished my latest project, and I have to say that I am just thrilled with how it came out! It is these kinds of projects that make you feel like you "really can do this" or that you "just might be able to hone your skills enough to be a good wood worker some day"...
  3. Laptop Table

    Wood came from recycled pallet, except for the legs. Legs were ripped from a 2×6 to get 2×3. Finish is Waterlox Original Sealer/Finish. Held together with Grip Rite screws - 2" and 1 5/8".
  4. Pallet divan - Turkish pallets ;-) post

    Pallet divan Turkish pallets ;-) Pictures: 1. Pallet divan on the roof. 2. Mattress maker cutting the foam. 3. Pallets put on concrete blocks. 4. Turkish saw in action. 5. Japanese saw in Turkey. 6. All you need is fantasy. Here it is, the hangout and sleeping divan I build this summer in...
  5. Blogs
    Need your improvements - A tapering box..what now? I made a tapering box with an angle of 5 degree with the bottom as smaller side. Here are the details first. 1. Wood came from pallet boards. I am not sure if it is pine. It is green and medium hard though not dense. 2. I experimented on...
  6. Blogs
    Pallet divan - Turkish pallets ;-) Pallet divan Turkish pallets ;-) Here it is, the hangout and sleeping divan I build this summer in Turkey. South West Turkey is hot in the summer, really hot, so a place to sleep looking at the stars or hanging out after sunset. In spring and fall it will be...
1-6 of 6 Results