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  1. Two Recycled Material End Tables

    This fall, I became a full-time woodshop-esque teacher in a private school for students with neurological differences. It's been a wild ride. My first order of business has been to outfit and carve out a woodshop on the campus. As we don't have much access to electricity, I've been...
  2. Tool storage cabinet

    here is my latest attempt to organize my shop. I realize that it looks like this is "frakensteined" together, because it is. The goal was to organize my hand tools and buy as little new stuff as possible. The sides of the base are from the very first piece of furniture that I ever made. The...
  3. Blogs
    mini-tablesaw prototype Hey guys, This is a first attempt at making a homemade tablesaw for cutting thin material. I slapped this first prototype together in around two hours (hence the crappy Nokia pictures), mainly because it was freezing cold inside my shop and I had a hurt elbow and only...
1-4 of 4 Results