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  1. Record Cabinets

    A local businessman wanted some record cabinets made. They are mostly 3/4 import birch plywood. The fronts are mostly locally harvested stuff - poplar, butternut, cypress, and some rough weather oak. And the trim is walnut. Probably too much information here.. "...
  2. Custom Record Cabinet... for Vinyl LP's

    This is a record chest I built as a commission for a friend. It's made of black walnut, with padauk and maple accent woods. The hand-shaped tops took the longest time. They were something I added in after I started the build, to match the overall look of the piece. (see original drawing above-...
  3. Record Cabinet

    This is a record cabinet that I built while in school at NESAW (New England School of Arch Woodworking) While in school we would build projects for customers that wanted cheap furniture or cabinetry. This customer wanted a record cabinet that could hold his av equipment and record collection...
  4. Record Player Cabinet -Wine Rack- Buffet Table...Thing

    Technically, this was my first piece of furniture designed and built from scratch. Lots of mistakes along the way, but it was a good learning experience that yielded a suitable piece. The proportions are pretty goofy, but the space it was designed for restricted its length considerably. It...
  5. Mahogany Record Cabinet

    I finished this cabinet a couple months ago but just getting around to posting. It was commiissioned by a good friend of mine who needed a storage upgrade and wanted to incorporate his ipod dock. The case is 3/4" mahogany plywood edged with 3/8 mahogany hardwood. Its hard to tell in the...
  6. Hand Tools
    Picked up a little gift for myself last week when L.V. had there Free Delivery! Interested in seeing the difference between this saw and my Veritas D.T. Having a hard time deciding what wood to try it out on?
1-6 of 6 Results