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  1. How to make an Up-Cycled Pallet wood Sliding Barn Door

    My kids are avid gamers, and since we moved in to our house they have had their gaming rigs setup in a finished portion of our basement. The problem was that the basement had be modestly finished with simulated wood (read ugly) paneling and the bi-fold door that separated the space from the...
  2. The warrior - Ancient chestnut tree becomes mask

    Here at 3000 feet in the southern Appalachias we pockets of rainforest like environment. There are ancient downed trees everywhere, rotting.into the landscape.. I found this piece behind my cabin and.k ew become a mask. I call him The Warrior- he is worn and scarred...
  3. Walnut Jewelry Box

    This is a jewelry box I made for my daughter as a graduation gift. The wood is walnut and bloodwood. It measures 14 inches wide, 9 inches deep and 6 inches tall. I found the project in the October 2005 (issue 165) of Wood Magazine. The finish is several coats of lacquer.

    This table and matching benches were fabricated for one of our customers. It is 12' long and 4' wide.
  5. crooked whimsical birdhouse

    The challenge: no straight lines and no plan! Just do it! Materials consisted of whatever i could find anywhere and everywhere.
  6. birdhouse on an old wheelbarrow

    I was commissioned to build a crooked birdhouse for Louisville Stoneware ( one of the oldest family owned in the nation since the 1800's). The owner liked to collect old wheelbarrows and gave me this one to use as a base for the birdhouse. It was to go in their showroom as a display. He also...
  7. Reclaimed wood table

    Reclaimed wood table. Once again, the reclaimed wood comes from the Yates shaft at Homestake Gold Mine. 3-1/2' wide, 5-1/2' long and 32"tall. Thanks for reading and all comments and suggestions are welcome.
  8. Solid Reclaimed Wood Desk

    We have been making this reclaimed wood desk for a while here at Rotsen Furniture. The secret is really to find a nicely shaped solid wood slab, slightly curved. The rest is the typical hard labor! Each piece will be different. Not only because of the nature of the material, but also because...
  9. Wooden Toy Truck - Play Pal - Monster Truck

    The second Play Pal Monster Truck I have posted here. I made this one from pine. I'm experimenting with materials and these are only 3.5 inches long. I just about always have shot pieces of 2×4 laying around. I think the mystery lumber they sell these isn't really a good choice most of the time...
  10. Truss Sofa Table

    Hey, guys! I built a truss style sofa table with a reclaimed douglas fir top. The base is made from 2×4's and 4×4's except I ripped the edges off the 2×4's to square them up and make them look a lot better. The douglas fir came out of a house in East Nashville and is about 70 years old. You...
  11. Industrial Style Reclaimed Wood Pub Tables

    Check out my latest video where I build reclaimed wood industrial style dining tables for a local brewery in Pittburgh PA!
  12. Aspen/Eucalyptus Coffee Table

    The top is 8/4 Eucalyptus with aspen log legs. The bottom shelf is mortise and tenon into the aspen legs. The bottom shelf is barnwood, peruvian walnut, lacewood, spalted birch and black walnut. The top is inlaid with peruvian walnut, barnwood, lacewood, black walnut and spalted birch. Willows...
  13. Some random cutting boards

    Here are a few cutting boards I have finished lately. I am new to making them, been doing it for about two months now after being accepted as a vendor into the local farmers market. My real love is box making, but there is no one in my area that makes any cutting boards, so the market is wide...
  14. Reclaimed X Style Trestle Dining Table Build

    Hey Everyone. Check out this 100% reclaimed wood dining table build I did for a client. I have a full video on my Youtube channel too you can check out here Thanks John
  15. College mascots out of reclaimed wood

    College mascot wall hangings on a background of the state they are from … People seem to really love them The States are made of glued up old fence pickets that I got by dumpster diving at my local fence Company… free wood… that your saving from the landfill… Mascots are cut out of glued up...
  16. Reclaimed Wood Buffet

    Check out this full walk thru on how i make a reclaimed wood buffet with a blue stone top. PART 1 PART 2
  17. Reclaimed White Oak Dining Table

    Check out my latest build. I make this Farmhouse inspired Dining table using Reclaimed white oak. I add some elegance with the addition of curves in the base. Check out the Video on how I made it!
  18. Reclaimed planter box

    This planter box is made completely of free wood scraps and pallets. I plan on having two of these for my deck and once I posted a picture of it on facebook, before I put the sealer on, it looks like A LOT of people want some also haha. I really just wanted a simple project to make using the...
  19. Butterfly Enclosure

    I made this butterfly enclosure in a rush, my son's daycare provider got a bunch of caterpillars from her trip to the Agricultural Museum (yes, I live in a city and there is a museum for this, ironically I grew up on and around farms and found this amusing at first) and only had a couple days to...
1-20 of 268 Results