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  1. Pallet wood project. (Part one)

    My wife and I have been thinking about adding a bit of character to our house seeing as newer houses tend to lack that. We have been talking about making three tip out garbage cans in the back of our island, so this pallet wall is going to have three gold cut into it for garbage, cardboard...
  2. 125 year old reclaimed Fir living room furniture

    The attic in our 125 year old Victorian had Fir moldings, trim, stairs and floor boards. When I wanted to build an office up there I pulled up the old floor boards, insulated and used 3/4 ply for the floor. All the boards were begging for a project so I hand planed everything, glued up stock...
  3. Table

    I built this table as a wedding gift for my wifes brother. all from reclaimed lumber.
  4. Reclaimed Lumber!

    REBARN'S Reclaimed Antique Lumber Warehouse! Grey board, brown board, red board. Hemlock and pine barn board.
  5. Reclaimed Rustic Pub Table

    Just finished this Barnwood Pub Table. Top was from resawn Fir that was stacked on the side of a mans house for over 50 years. I paid $150 for 42/10' true 1×12. The legs were posts from and old fence and I believe they are cedar. Not ideal for furniture, but they had the resawn marks to match. I...
  6. Barn Beam Benches!

    These are various benches made from barn beams reclaimed from demolished Ontario barns. Most barn beams and barn wood we get in is from the 1890s.
  7. Custom Made Chess Table

    Anyone for Chess? Custom made chess table made for a client. Made from #handhewnoak #walnut #hardmaple
  8. It's that time of year again!

    Christmas is coming so it is time to start making presents. This is a super simple project that make you popular during the Christmas season. These "tumbleweed lights" are made from a big piece of reclaimed beam that I have had for several years. I cut it up to a usable size, used the router...
  9. Holtzapffel-inspired Workbench (on a budget)

    This is a workbench project that was based on Christopher Schwarz's design for the Holtzapffel Workbench. I followed it loosely, making the following more major changes to it: -Made the stretchers closer to the floor. They are about 3" away from the floor. In another of Schwarz's designs, he...
  10. Garage Shelf from Reclaimed Fencing

    My son needed garage shelves that could hold some heavy items. We had just recovered huge piles of fences blown over by Hurricane Ivan, so I made a shelf using the lumber "raw" (last two pics). I didn't like how rough and ugly it was, so for the second shelf I did a quick jointing and planing...
  11. Colorado Barnwood Farm Table reclaimed Doug Fir

    Wood came from a 100+ year old barn in La Salle, CO. It is tight grained Doug Fir hand planed on the top and rough on the base. Everything was scraped and soaked with danish oil. The top is waxed.
  12. Antique Oak Weatherstation

    I pulled this oak from a house in Haubstadt, Indiana that was being demolished. The house was built around the turn on the century (we found newspapers stuffed in the attic from 1903.) The floor joists were rough sawn 8/4 red oak, quartersawn, about 7"-9" wide, 10'-15' long. I went crazy when...
  13. Wine glass holder

    I have seen many of these holders lately mostly two glass holders. So I was tinkering with the idea of a 4 glass holder. It was my first one and have some ideas for modifying it more and also working on two different versions of a 6 glass holder.
  14. Sake Set

    A friend is in the process of redeveloping an old industrial site in NE Philadelphia and offered me the lumber from the old rooftop water tanks that he was removing. The lumber turned out to be beautiful straight grained white cedar that we believe dates to the early 1900's. The faces of the...
  15. Rustic Wood Frame

    Rustic frame made out of reclaimed birch and pine with branch accents on sides and top. This frame holds 3, 4" x 6" photos. Finished with a shellac and then polished with beeswax and mineral oil that I made up to protect the wood while maintaining the natural wood finish.
  16. Reclaimed Lumber Rocker

    Quick weekend project made from found wood. Cost me $8.00 plus two planer knives and one saw blade. NOTE TO SELF: Old wood dulls your planer knives to quick…grr
  17. Campsite Family Sign

    While camping in the Adirondacks a couple years back, we found a large deadfall Birch with the bark still intact. Needless to say, I was able to salvage two large pieces of bark, one which eventually became this sign. The bark is glued to a piece of scrap OSB, the letters in local Maple...
  18. Cutting Board

    I made this cutting board from Appleply. (Appleply's a hardwood plywood similar to Baltic Birch) I cut it in 1 inch strips, laid it side to side and laminated it all together again. The top of the "cutting" board is this pattern of very thin, but consistant strips of hardwood. I finished it with...
  19. Pier Plank cabinets

    Here are a few images of some cabinets I made for a project in the Yellowstone Club. They are made from Pier Plank from the Great Salt Lake. They were part of the clients bar. I will try to post photos of the whole project soon.
1-20 of 51 Results