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  1. Cheese and cracker boards

    Three more cheese and cracker boards that my wife helped design for my next show. We really like the maple and Purple Heart contrasting colors If interested in purchasing send me a private message tks
  2. Leopardwood Humidor

    Here's a fun project I just completed. It's a solid 3/4" leopardwood humidor with through dovetails and some extra hand-crafted touches. I built the two trays for the inside from Aromatic Cedar that I milled from the log itself. In the process of doing so, I found out that my skin is very...
  3. Another Sapper box

    This box was done for my co-worker and fellow sapper. Also a very good friend, so I took some extra time on his box. The pictures don't show what I believe is my greatest triumph lol. I wanted the lid to sit recessed in the box and not include any hinges at all. I accomplished this by using...

    With construction of the Baltic Birch Plywood with Oak Scupports & Casters, with the Mobile Clamp Rack, I no longer have to use up precious shop wall space or have clamps strung-out all over the shop wondering where they are. This is a fantastic shop fixture worth it's weight in stock! Built...
  5. Designing Woodworking Projects
    does anyone know where i can get a pattern on how to rout some ABC blocks into a project? im makeing a cradel and in the headboard or footboard i want to put a couple of blocks with ABC on them possibly like one at the top and two at the bottm or reverse?
  6. Blogs
    In the Beginning In the beginning were the catalogs, and in the catalogs were beautiful workbenches, and attached to the workbenches were not-so-beautiful prices. Is there a single one of us that has looked at a catalog and not drooled over the incredible workbenches therein? Some may have...
  7. Blogs
    The Top My wife and I have been sharing my workbench out in the garage for my woodworking projects as well as her jewelry making projects for a while now but we both decided it was time for her to have her own workbench. We looked around online and found some nice looking jeweler's benches but...
  8. Safety in the Woodworking Shop
    I'm building picture frames and I ran the four sides through the router table using a straight bit to cut the rabbets (recesses) to hold the art content, then I cut the miters on all corners. So at this point I basically have 4 wooden spears, sharpened on both ends. I messed up pretty badly on...
1-8 of 8 Results