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  1. Grave Cross

    I recently lost my Mother and for her first birthday without I had to make her something for her grave. I thought it was a really nice design I found on the internet, Mom was very religious so I think she would have liked it.
  2. Gimbal Table

    First off I can say this is really not your ordinary table, very much a strange one of a kind!!! Originally I had the idea to hold the wood in place by piercing it with metal rods to use as a base, I was able to do some fun drilling directly thru a knot on one side and came out on the other side...
  3. Oak Patio Bench, Red and White

    Last winter I got some slab wood,to burn in the wood stove in the shop. from a local lumber yard. I was cutting it up with my circular saw. I found some nice slabs I made burl clocks out of and I saved a couple of pieces of oak. One was white, one red. Both had nice edges so I thought I'd make a...
  4. Blogs
    In the beginning, there was nothing... I am building a shop!!! I'm so excited to have this experience. I know it might be hard, there will be issues, it will be time consuming, but the rewards are many! I hope to put this experience in a blog format here to document my experience and...
1-4 of 4 Results