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  1. Table saw gaurd

    I built this with my kids in mind. I would love for them to show interest in wood working someday. The original gaurd was limited and well you know a pain. The frame is made from 2" square steel tubing welded together. The horizontal piece of wood is ash with a steel insert (painted white) where...
  2. Wood & Lumber
    I am in the process of finishing a pocket door that will be used between our master bedroom and bathroom. The door is made out of Douglas Fir. On the bedroom side and the exposed edge the wood will be exposed. Therefore I am planning on staining it with a natural stain. The plan on the...
  3. Finishing
    I built a harvest table for my wonderful wife and finished it with one coat of teak oil first, then finishing wax. I am completely unsatisfied with the wax. Several problems came up with this wax. There are numerous water marks, as one might imagine, and mostly, I can see some swirl marks...
1-3 of 3 Results