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  1. Painted Hood

    This range hood is made from Maple lumber and Birch plywood. It is approximately 60" wide X 24" deep X 66" tall. It has 2 pullout spice racks on each side. All of the onlays, corbels, and sea shell were carved by a carver in our shop. The hood liner for this hood is a ventless hood. Therefore I...
  2. Wooden range hood with concealed microwave

    Just finished my over the range hood with "hidden" microwave. It is 36" wide 19. 5 deep and 36" from ceiling to base. Blum 170 degree hinges with blumotion added. It is shown hanging on a basement wall with low ceilings, kitchen isn't ready for hood yet. It is all cherry, natural and finished...
  3. Range Mantle

    this is one of the models of Range Hoods we build in our shop, this sucker is about the biggest, roughly 60' wide by 40"+ tall, it was a brute
  4. Copper range hood

    I don't take a whole lot of pictures, but a friend of mine took these as the work progressed. You see the curved plywood on the bending form and then the curved plywood mitered together. (This was done with a hand saw and trued up with a block plane) It was covered in copper and then hammered...
  5. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hey folks, Running into a problem here. I build a range hood cabinet/cover for the kitchen, and I wanted there to be an option to open it up should we ever need to do any fixing on the range hood itself. I wrongly assumed I could just use some regular hinges I had laying around. When I tried...
1-5 of 5 Results