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  1. Back Yard Renovation

    My wife and I purchased our home last fall and while the interior of the house was completely remodeled, the yard was in dire need of some TLC. Its a smaller city lot that came with a cracked (but structurally sound) concrete patio, a chain-link fence and a poorly graded & uneven weed patch for...
  2. Raised bed planters

    Raised bed planters made of douglas fir, and pine. Made as a COVID quarantine family project
  3. Cedar raised planter bed

    I made this cedar raised planter bed to create an herb garden for my wife early this year. It has served us well and produced TONS of herbs!
  4. Raised Garden Bed

    So my neighbor asked me to help him with a project for his wife. She was asking for a raised garden that she had found on Pinterest. So with a picture I texted over a materials list so he could go buy the materials and we could get started that afternoon, because evidently it was an...
  5. Reclaimed Barn Wood Raised Bed Planter - Large

    Very simple build. This is a douglas fir raised bed we built and then coated with elastomeric paint. Then we did a lightly sandblasted mushroom wood facade. Mushroom Wood is one of the reclaimed materials we carry at our lot. It comes from barns where they grew mushrooms and the enzymes from the...
  6. Simple box for a raised bed vegetable garden

    This is a 4 foot by 8 foot box for a raised vegetable garden. It is very simple construction, and I put a lip on it so you could sit there while working in the garden. There is no finish on the pine boards, but it has lasted two full summers and it is still in very good condition.
  7. Pergola with attached raised beds

    I built this in our backyard over the last week. The red is all prestained cedar playground wood. The rest is pretreated. The pergola itself is 6' x 8'. Aprox 10ft high. The raised beds vary in size but are attached to the pergola. I still need to do the top slats. The plan is for the vine crops...
  8. Cedar Raised Bed (for vegetables)

    My wife and I we like gardenning, so she asked me to make a couple of raised bed. As we planned to grow vegetables, treated lumber was out of the question. I used Cedar. The design is very simple, and it does not take long to build. The longest part is going to the store in order to buy the...
  9. Blogs
    New raised beds for the garden The original raised beds are now at the end of their life. The 1 1/2" thick boards were a mixed bag of a "builders sling" from Dun Lumber. I noticed that the primed cedar facia boards lasted the longest, in fact some of them are still in very good shape, the raw...
  10. Blogs
    Will woodwork for food I haven't posted in a while due to business trips, family visits and our annual Spring planting. Unfortunately, the lack of posting corresponds with an absence from the workshop. Alas, my sanctuary has sat idle as I go about my other duties. Still, that doesn't mean I...
  11. Blogs
    Making a Raised Garden Bed Here is a Raised Garden Bed that I made recently. It turned out great. Check out my video below and I have a more detailed entry over at my other site on // Youtube Link:
  12. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I currently have a Delta 12" bench top drill press and for the most part it suits my shops needs. However there are times when I could really use more throat depth than what the Delta provides. I am looking at the Grizzly catalog and I see a 5 speed Bench Top 34" Radial Drill Press (G7945)...
1-12 of 12 Results