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  1. Woodrack and sheet goods storage

    I have a two car garage. I need to be able to park two cars inside it at times. I have a woodshop in this garage. This poses a problem with parking the cars. (Actually one of them is a full sized Ford truck!) So nessessity being the mother of invention: I combined several ideas obtained from...
  2. Cabin Coat Rack

    This project started with my wife mentioning that she would like a coat hanger near the door at our cabin that we have in Michigan. Her though was……"get a pine board and put some hooks on it and we will have instant esthetics and function". She also knows me and how long it takes me to get a...
  3. cull pack projects - lumber rack

    made entirely from cull pack lumber! this rack has been assembled to safely store my lumber, both dimensional and sheet goods! and more! Updated Pictures & Details Below i borrowed a few ideas from other lumber rack designs, mine came together quickly using a double arm design and triple...
  4. Wine Rack

    This is the first of many styles that I will be building in the future. Supports are dadoed into the uprights. I thought this would look better then just nailing them on.
  5. Cherry shaving shelf

    My son in law is REALLY into old school shaving. My daughter asked me to make him a shelf to store his razors, brushes, and soaps.
  6. Shoe Shelf

    Shoe shelf I made for my wife for her birthday. The concept, I think, was sound. The implementation, not so much. Was on a tight budget for materials, and the thing had to fit into a very narrow space. It's made from re-sawn 2/4's in a sort of "crate" style. The shelves are adjustable using...
  7. Display rack

    Here are 3 of 6 display racks I made to show my projects at farmers markets and craft shows. Like all my projects all 6 are made of scrap materials and no 2 are alike. Each is built as a foldable A frame, so when closed for storage they only take up 2 inches of space.
  8. coat rack

    this is my best piece i ever done it took me 4 weeks to finish , i took my time and went slow with everything . i haven't stained it yet cause i'm waiting to find the right stain and method of doing it for a immaculate look. i used pine wood for all of it with 1 1/4" wooden knobs and brushed...
  9. mobile lumber rack

    In order to share the garage (with the boss), I made a mobile lumber storage platform. It is made with 3/4 plywood and 2×4's and is 2ft x 8ft. On one end I hang some of my clamps and the back side is flat so when moved over she (the boss) can pull the car in with no problem. Thanks for looking.
  10. Wine table I call the mortise and tenon glue up nightmare!

    Walnut live edge slab with quartersawn oak base and bowties. 40+ mortises and tenons. I was trying to glue up on my own and quickly desperation set in. Luckily a friend showed up at my shop and my look of horror required no words. He promptly grabbed a glue brush and we got it glued up...
  11. Poplar coat rack

    We'd been tossing our jackets on the back of the chairs in the dining room (which is what greets you as you enter the front door) since we didn't have a proper mud room or coat closet. We decided it was time to look into a solution. We went to the big box stores and saw what they were peddling...
  12. Scott's dirt bike Cap Mirror

    This project was supposed to be a Christmas present, however time didn't allow it. Thankfully the recipient - (daughter's boyfriend of 3 years) has his Birthday in January, so I said it is going to be a birthday present instead! Recently a fellow LJ (sorry I couldn't find you again after I...
  13. Spice Racks

    Made from mahogany for two different guys at work for their wives. Again used a Dremel for the carving.
  14. NOT A SPOON- but a spoon rack

    This is a primitive style spoon rack. You spoon carvers may want to make one of these to hold your spoons. :) It can be hung by a wire or with a nail to the wall or cabinet. The colors in these photos aren't showing the true colors.. one is mustard over brown, one is red over black, the...
  15. Under Cabinet Spice Rack

    I have just joined Lumberjocks and have already went thru all of the project pages this weekend. I must say there are some awesome woodworkers here and I love lots of the projects. I hope to spend much time here conversing with all of you and getting to know people. So I will get started...
  16. Shoe rack or tree for walk-in closet

    I made this shoe tree for my daughter for her walk-in closet this Christmas past. I searched LJ and Goggled, but didn't find much along the line I was looking for; so, I made my own design loosely based on the store bought plastic thingy that was falling apart. It is made of 1×3 oak and 5/8"...
  17. Counter Top Wine Rack

    I found an old book that had quite a few projects inside. One that caught my interest was this counter top wine rack. This wine rack is made of Red Oak. It has three coats of semi gloss polyurethane finish. I attached the top shelf, bottom shelf and sides with the Festool Dominos, as well as...
  18. Kayak rack

    After having our two kayaks stacked on top of some tubs in the basement for a year, I decided I should build a rolling kayak rack. I figured it would let me get them up out of the way, plus it would let me roll them out to the car instead of toting them in and out of the garage. I also hoped to...
  19. Plane Till

    I finally did a little bit of work to my plane till. It used to house my water sharpening system, but now I have too many hand planes, so I rearranged it a bit. It's no Studley tool chest, but it's a start. At least my #8 has a home now.
1-20 of 500 Results