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  1. Pound-a-Peg Toy

    I built two of these children's toys recently. One is for my son, who turns one today. The other will be a gift for whomever. Its easy to build more than one when you're in the mode. You simply pound the pegs down, then flip the bench over and pound them back the other way. I remember using this...
  2. The Weekend Shelf - The Wood Whisperer

    Just completed a Floating wall shelf. The wood is Cherry from Tennessee. My Co-Worker PflugervilleSteve aka Steve Decovic and I went up to Kingsport, TN earlier this year and found a saw mill that had a bunch of scrap Cherry. We bundled up several board Feet, shrinked and brought back on the...
  3. Sanding block

    The idea was to come up with a sanding block design which was tool less and easy to change between grits. I think I accomplished that but it ended up being slightly over complicated for a sanding block;)
  4. One hour project

    Needed a stand for an audio console power supply that weighs 25 pounds. Build time including designing it and finding the stock in my wood stacks was less than an hour. Cut everything to size Stack bored the lightening holes - not necessary but they've become a feature on many of my products...
  5. Shoe shelf

    Husband wanted a shoe shelf for the backdoor entry and I wanted a quickie weekend project, so this fit the bill. Kona stain on top- which is a panel that was marked down at HD, sides, back and bottom are ply and the legs are 2×2's with 1×2's for the aprons. Nice use of scrap wood.
  6. Scale Cornhole Boards

    Some boards that I made at Lunch at work just messing around. Taller is 1/3 Scale of regulation boards.
  7. Business Card Holder or Wallet from Scrap

    Walnut and Maple business card holder. With just a slight expansion of the inner compartment it could be used as a wallet. Rare earth magnet holds the drawer closed when you don't want it open. Build video here:
  8. Marlee needs a box to paint

    My little buddy next door, Marlee (14 years old) asked me if I could make her a box to paint and put her little trinkets in. I really wanted to make a beautiful box out of figured maple, or cherry, but she wanted to paint it specifically. So re sawed some 1×4 pine and here it is. Not perfect...
  9. Quick gift for friends

    I have had this trivet saved in my favorites for years. Actually 2013 I saved it, built 1 about a year ago and my wife uses it all the time. So after a party at the house and we clearly needed more trivets. I was asked To hit the shop and make several for the house and for friends that...
  10. Toy Car

    Even though my wood-shop has no heater, and it's certainly cold enough to freeze mass amounts of water outside now, I just HAD to get out and do something in the shop. Something, anything. So I bundled up warm, and headed out to work in the cold. I sorted through the scrap bin for a length...
  11. Wine Glass Holders

    Anyone that knows me know that I hate to waste anything or throw anything away. So, making these wine glass holders was a great way to make use of some scrap wood we had in the shop. #1 is Yellowheart, Maple, Cherry, and Purpleheart. Finished with a gloss spray lacquer and buffed with steel...
  12. Pots and Pans Rack - A Quickie

    I was in the middle of making a 1×2 cube storage when my wife popped into the shop and asked if I could make a quick rack to hang pots and pans. I looked around the shop to see what I had available. I found a piece of red oak left over from another project. It was already cut to the length I...
  13. Crayon Holder

    I haven't had much time for big projects so I've had to settle for small projects that are fun and good practice. This crayon holder is maple and walnut, finished with a couple coats of General Finishes polyacrylic water based top coats (semigloss).
  14. Marketplace Classifieds
    I have a gigantic slab of Madrone I'd like to sell part of (perhaps all, but it'd be nice to keep some of it). It's 12/4×14.5" x 108", straight and dry (for years). I tossed it on Craig's List today at $8.50/bf, but thought I'd post it here too. I also have some Teak (originally bought in...
  15. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I have a Delta 1-1/2 HP Dust Collector I am selling if anyone locally needs one, I think I paid $425.00+ I want $200 PM me and if you think you would be interested I will send you all the information I'm in New Port Richey Florida. Thanks dbhost
1-15 of 15 Results