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  1. Keyrings made from scrap

    I try to utilise as much material as I can and these keyrings made from scraps of Oak are the simplest and fastest items I've ever made :) I needed to test the home-made sanding belts for my 6" x 48" Linisher and ended up with these great little gifts. finished with Organic Boiled Linseed Oil...
  2. Hickory Bowl With Pyrography

    Here's a hickory bowl I recently finished. It is 13×5 and finished with walnut oil. This is my first time doing pyrography on a turning. I used a propane torch to scorch the smoother sections and a basket weave nib to burn the pattern into the piece. If you want to see the process, you can...
  3. Some more pyrography by my better half..

    Here are some more works of pyrography that my lady has done (she has been busy…). Like her past works I worked up the frames for them, and getting them varnished. ;-) The burnings are on Basswood and the all frames are of Walnut or Peruvian Walnut. The patterns for pictures 1 through 4...
  4. Live Edge Coasters

    Set of four live-edge coasters, about 4" in diameter each. Woodburned "Eurypertus remipes," the state fossil of NY. Voids between the outer bark and inner tree rings filled with two-part epoxy. Coated in 6 spray-on layers of spar urethane. Rubbed out with 0000 steel wool.
  5. Snowy Road

    I started this snow scene woodburning project last winter, when the snow mood hit me. (Finally got it finished in July :) It is burned in Red Cedar 14×11", touched up with a little white acrylic. My next project is an old barn (Summer mood) Who knows when it will be finished.
  6. New wood burning~

    A woodburning I just got done with. I finished it with Linseed Oil.. the color is my Prismacolor water color pencils… I didnt 'paint' the face white, I just didnt use the BLO on the face and fur. All thoughts and suggestions are welcome~
  7. Reporter's Notebook

    This is a reporter's flip-top notepad made out of poplar for a friend's birthday present. The pencil, hand-planed to the correct shape, features four hidden nails that reinforce the front and back covers. The writing and lines are wood-burned on. Working with poplar was an interesting...
  8. My five year old

    This is a portrait of one of my sons, the original photo and the sketch I used as a patern for the burn. It is an 8×10 on birch ply. I added pictures that I hope help answer any questions. I print out a picture and usually draw over the picture the areas I want to use for shading the burn… it...
  9. Who Needs a CNC? Carving a Sign Free Hand with a Router..and FIRE

    Hey guys, I wanted my logo for my shop/website/channel to be something physical tangible while at the same time trying something fun. I used Ridgid's new trim router and one of the weed burner/baby flamethrowers to free hand carve a few signs out a walnut crotch and a maple burl I had laying...
  10. Peyoke Medicine Bowl

    Here's a recent turning that I did for our local woodturning competition. It's called Peyoke Medicine Bowl. The Peyoke Medicine Bowl is a tribal mortar and pestle. A mortar and pestle is a tool used to crush, grind and mix, in this case, medicinal herbs and plants. The mortar, which is almost...
  11. Kokopelli smart phone stand

    This was a quick project to try out some small chisels I made. It is made from Horse Chestnut with an Oak base. I wood burned a Kokopelli figure and installed some small steel pins.
  12. Ice Cream Scoop with Celtic Knot inlay, knurled and burned

    My first prototypes of this project went to relatives for Christmas gifts. I hadn't used the lathe in 15 or 20 years and started with some avocado "firewood". I kept refining techniques and learned to use glue liberally and patiently on the inlay. I used yellow heart and purple heart on this one...
  13. Woodburned Hollow form.

    I lucked into a piece of hard maple log a few months back. Turned it into two vases the shape and form seemed good but hard white maple leaves very little grain and seems quite plain. So I decided to try some woodburning to dress it up. The first is 7H x 9W, second 8H x 11W. Both are 1/4 inch...
  14. Sacrifice and Valor

    Was done for my grandson
  15. Soldiers

    A fun project for me. Pyrography on SYP with a gloss polyurethane finish.
  16. Band of Brothers 07

    Another fun pyrography project on SYP. This one is about 3 1/2" x 7". It too has a gloss polyurethane finish.
  17. Pyrography Bunny

    Had a piece of pine, had a cheap burn tool from walmart, my sister brought in the Velveteen Robbit and this was the result. Its just on a piece of pine. Burn tool doesn't work too well on pine just for the record. Painted it with some craft paint. Thinkning on investing on a real woodburning...
  18. Luggage tag with pyrography for the address

    Why buy a luggage tag when you can just make one! This is just a thin piece of maple, and I burned the address into it. Then finished it with BLO. These could be some easy Christmas presents too.
  19. Walnut Picture Frame - a real weekend project

    Many so-called weekend projects can't really be finished over a weekend; this one is a weekend project that all levels of woodworkers can complete on a Saturday or Sunday. And it's dirt cheap: all one needs is some scrap pieces. I used left-over walnut moldings (which have a nice profile), a...
  20. Going away boxes

    Built these two boxes as going away gifts for my Command Sergeant Major and Battalion Commander. The boxes are constructed with Paduak, Zebrawood, and Hickory. Designs on top were added with a Colwood Burner by hand and the finish is 3 coats laquer and 4 coats johnsons paste wax. I love the...
1-20 of 247 Results