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  1. My five year old

    This is a portrait of one of my sons, the original photo and the sketch I used as a patern for the burn. It is an 8×10 on birch ply. I added pictures that I hope help answer any questions. I print out a picture and usually draw over the picture the areas I want to use for shading the burn… it...
  2. Weber Plaque

    Plaque on 8×10 plaque made from yellow pine. This is for fun, for a group I do research with.
  3. Old Farm House

    About 8×14" on basswood. I use a Detail Master, Dagger III with a fixed tip, medium rounded skew. The structures are referenced from other images, modified and put together, the rest is freehand.
  4. My other 5 year old

    8×10 on birch ply and original photo used as a reference. This is the last of the three portraits I was doing of my children. The details and equipment are included with the first portrait, but I am happy to answer questions as always. I prefer working with pine, but the grains in the pine look...
  5. Chief Joseph

    8×10 on yellow pine. Burned using vintage photo as a reference.
  6. Old Stone Mill

    This is burned on pine. board is 3/4" select grade. piece is 10×20". Pic is original exept barn is from a sketch posted on by gman (greg), so I have to give him credit for that, it was a good drawing.
  7. Wood burned Portrait

    This was a commissioned piece, referenced from a photo. 8×10 plaque from 3/4" select grade pine. I use a detail master adjustable temp burner. This was all done with a medium rounded skew.
  8. Family and Home

    This is on an 11×14 piece of birch plywood. Burned with a Detail Master using a medium rounded skew. I have been doing several pictures like this one for a realtor. He gives them to the families that he sells homes to as a gift for using him as their realtor.
  9. Country Life

    This isn't a new project, I did it this last summer, but I just had to refinish it for a show… aparently it still has a little life yet to give before I am done with it. This is an original pyrograph on Yellow Pine. It is 11×14.
  10. Woodworking Skill Share
    Hello everybody, I am currently finishing a jewelry box. I am using Arm R Seal semi gloss urethane and am having problems with the walnut burl top looking like it should. The sides are not burl and took the finish very well. The top has many coats built up but I can not get rid of the streaking...
  11. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    I just noticed LJ's has reached an amazing total of 7,000 blogs. Excellent result.
  12. Designing Woodworking Projects
    What do you know about the Greene & Greene style? Share your thoughts and links here. Discussion originated in the March '09 issue of the LJ eMag. (note:first comments are from a "teaser" posting)
1-12 of 12 Results