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  1. Purpleheart Music Box

    This is a purple heart and maple jewelry box that I made for my daughter. It plays "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" when you open the LH drawer. I cut the "bears ears" dovetails on my Leigh D4R jig. I bought the music movement from Music Box Attic.
  2. Wine Stoppers

    Variety of Wine Stoppers. From left to right (Kingwood, Padauk, Cocobolo, Tulip wood, Purple Heart, Birdseye Maple and Purple heart.
  3. Toybox for my new grandson!

    Made from #2 walnut, with purple heart butterfly, and Minwax satin finish polyurethane.
  4. Purpleheart and Ash Jewellery Box

    Just a quick look at my latest project, I have seen a couple of boxes a bit like this and I thought I would design and build my own. I have made a google sketchup model of this project and PDF of the leg template, both of which you can download for free at my website...
  5. Another mallet

    Found another mallet in my cutoff pile. This on is out of oak and walnut with purpleheart wedges. The plans were in Shopnotes volume 2. It has 2 pockets loaded with lead sinkers makes into a dead blow. weighs in at 19oz
  6. Mother's Day Picture Frame - 1 of 2

    This one is for my mom, and the other is for my soon to be mother-in-law. I used figured soft maple and purple heart. It's an 11×14 frame housing an 8×10 photo of my fiance and myself. I started with regular maple, but once I saw what that figured walnut was doing, I had to use something a...
  7. Drill press table

    My version of a useful accessory for your DP. Just a couple pieces of plywood glued together, with some T-track set into it. There is a sacrificial 4" x 4" square of plywood in the middle to make tearout a thing of the past. I've found it very handy and I don't know why more manufacturers...
  8. business card holder box

    just a little quick holder, made of purple heart and iroco
  9. Thanksgiving Serving Bowl

    Bowl of laminated walnut, purpleheart, and lightly curly maple. Carved with a grinder mounted chainsaw disc and hand sanded to 300, grain raised, and buffed with 0000 steel wool. I borrowed some beeswax from my art teacher and melted it with mineral oil for a food safe finish with good sheen...
  10. Instrument Stand

    Ok this one is for all you closet Ukulele players out there and you know who you are…....!! Ok it's actually for my lovely wife who received this Ukulele as a gift this past Christmas. I felt it was worthy of a dedicated home and designed and constructed this stand for said purpose. The woods...
  11. Floating Wine Bottle Holder

    My version of a Floating Wine Bottle holder. I saw everyone else s and just had to try to make one for myself. I couldn't just do a normal one, I had to add my own design to it. Made from Maple and Purpleheart. I used about a 42 degree angle for the bottom and a 1-7/8" hole for the holder.
  12. Keeper

    This is my first attempt at make a nice dovetail box…. It's Peruvian Walnut & Curly Maple, with Purple Heart diamond inlay…. 10×5x5. lacquer finish. Hardware from Lee Valley…. Thanks for looking….
  13. Iranian segmentedwood turning

    Inspire by Iranian mutifes. Diameter 60 centimeter
  14. USB Charger / Lamp

    Made this lamp for my son who had a nightstand full of stuff, chargers for gadgets, you know, stuff… LOL The base is made from a piece out of a transmission that was perfect, other parts include a few gears I added to the middle. The outlet has two USB chargers as well as two outlets. To...
  15. Find a Home for an Intarsia Carousel Horse Wall Hanging

    I really had some fun making this piece and it was a real challenge. I saw a picture on the internet and made a pattern based on that with Inkskape. It ended up having 190 different pieces with 13 different kinds of woods. The pole was a real challenge to make out of a block of yellow heart...
  16. Bowl Practice

    I've had a chance to get back to the lathe and practice turning bowls. My set of cole jaws was not big enough to reverse chuck a few and I made the larger set after watching Alan Stratton's video on his YouTube channel As the Wood Turns. The directions were very easy and I only spent about...
  17. Another cutting board

    Here's another end-grain cutting board made of Purpleheart and White Guayana Rosewood. Finished it with butcher block conditioner (mineral oil and beeswax). Thanks for looking and all comments welcome.
  18. Two more cutting boards

    These cutting boards are identical and were a LOT more complicated than any previous ones. The woods are: White Limba, Purpleheart, Black Cherry, and Brazilian Cherry. They were made for my Mother-in-Law and my wife's aunt for last Xmas. They LOVED them! Thanks for looking and as always, all...
  19. Trivet

    Some trivets. The woods are marblewood, purpleheart, cocobolo, and pine. For the hardwood trivets, I used some different slate tiles that I picked up from Lowes.
  20. various styles of urns

    As requested, here are different variations of urns I have done in the past.
1-20 of 500 Results