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  1. Summer Breeze sailboat

    Between a new job, various programs we run for and projects we do with disadvantaged kids, building my living roof workshop, and replumbing the house, we ended up pretty burned out come late spring. The county 4H foundation has a big annual fundraiser, we had to go early in the morning to take...
  2. Folkart Barn and Pecan tree picture

    This is another one of my folkart pictures. I sketch these pictures on a sheet of paper pretty much the same has I would if I were doing a watercolor. Then I cut pieces of wood to the proper size and glue it to a piece of plastic laminate. The cedar post are made from cedar, the pecan tree is...
  3. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Wow… I just did a Snodgrass setup on my band saw and wanted to see how thin a slice I could take off…. accurately. I sliced a 1×6 on edge and sliced off a thin sheet and then measured it. .017 inches so that's about 2 thousandths thicker than 1/64 of an inch. Greatest variance I could find was...
1-3 of 3 Results