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  1. Wine Bottle Stoppers - Wood Turning

    A few months ago I walked into a woodshop and kindled the flame of an old interest. Something new and exciting that stuck out to me was the wood lathe. The first time I saw the lathe I wanted to get someone to show me how to use it. After a month of catches and slips I bought my own and have...
  2. Cutting Board

    This is my first attempt at an end grain cutting board inspired by Marc Spagnuolo's video. I think it turned out nicely and my wife likes it, so I guess thats all that counts. Its hard maple and mahogany.
  3. Omega Psi Phi Shield - Chapter Size

    This project was created using a CNC router. Visit my website
  4. Strata Blank Bowl from Penn State Industries

    The Strata Bowl Blanks from Penn State Industries are interesting but far from impressive. This small bowl was turned from a medium sized Strata Blank. These blanks are made by glueing a number of different scraps of hardwood to form a stacked block. Some of the scraps were too small to fill...
  5. Made some Darts and a YouTube Video

    Hi all; I recently completed the Penn State Industries steel tip darts kit (PKDART2). I also made my first YouTube build video and posted it here (). Let me know what you think!
  6. Mom's Majestic Jr.

    This was a departure for me, as it was my first premium pen kit. It's a Majestic Jr. Black TN/Platinum Rollerball. I was unsure of the wood, but guys on the IAP helped me figure that it is most likely Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry). It's finished in 8 or 10 coats of BLO/CA, MMed to 12000, then hit...
  7. Ice Cream Scoop in Chrome with Burmese Rosewood Handle PSI Kit

    Ice Cream Scoop in Chrome with Burmese Rosewood Handle PSI Kit. This is a quite simple kit to make on a lathe with a lot of value. Made a YouTube video and put that on my channel at: Also see my website at Thanks!
  8. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Penn State Industries has a special going on with their utility 4 jaw chuck system. Wood Magazine had given positive reviews of the system. Right now, the chuck comes with a set of jumbo jaws for bowl turners. You can take a look at it here. I have it ordered right now along with a 3/4" 10 tpi...
  9. Woodworking Skill Share
    So I am running a 2 hp PSI cyclone with 6" mains and drops, and 4" pipe to the tool. On all tools but one, the dust collection is really quite good. Separation is good as well. With extended work at the planer, I notice that the cone of the cyclone clogs up. If I don't catch it right away...
  10. Woodturning
    I'm am relatively new to turning, and would like to try to turn a pepper mill from this kit. I am also planning to buy a lathe chuck because I would like to turn some bowls. The instructions for this kit say that it "requires" that I buy a pen mandrel and some bushings. Why? If I have a chuck...
  11. Marketplace Classifieds
    SOLD Everything except lathe is sold. Will be relisted. Lathe only for $750. I am selling a complete wood turning package. Following is description of the various pieces. Very low usage and excellent condition. I'll also throw in the 6ft bench it's all sitting on. Asking $1400...
1-11 of 11 Results