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  1. Charred Flags

    Here are a few samples of some charred flags that I have made. I have made several different thin line flags. I use common pine and hit them with a torch. The stars in the union are hand carved with a flexible shaft carving tool.
  2. Wavy Flag

    Wavy flag. I pre mill 2x pine material to 1-1/4"x1-3/4" x 32" long. I then bandsaw the waves onto each piece, staggering my jig 3/4" on every piece. I then screw the pieces together and with a variety of carbide and sanding heads in my angle grinder. I shape the undulating look of the flag. I...
  3. Trick Cube on a String

    Our woodworking guild took on a project of making a series of toys from around 1860 to give away to kids at Meijer Gardens in Feb at a festival they are having. Tuesday night many of us committed to making a number for the old time toys. They wanted 300 in total. The ones that Tim and I made...
  4. Antique Record Player Music box

    While walking the beach at lake Michigan three years ago I found some flowers washed up on the shore with their green stems and large tops filled with holes with seeds in them. Many were destroyed by the trip from where ever they came from but a few were intact so I brought one back for a future...
  5. Jigs & Fixtures
    I figure that most of you already know about this, but just to make sure: I found a place that sells knobs for socket head cap screws and hex head cap screws really cheap (like 11 cents a piece for the small ones). Shipping was $7.25 so I kept increasing my order till it went to $8 then...
  6. Woodworking Skill Share
    Fellow Lumberjocks… I need help. I'm trying to learn the hot patina process on copper sheet and need to find a propane torch with a wide bell. While googling provides plenty of results for regular, bottled torches, I can't seem to find much info on the wider bell. Except, it appears they make...
1-7 of 7 Results