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  1. Scrollsaw Blade Holder

    Just a quick weekend project - I needed a new blade holder for the scroll saw. I found a source online where I could buy poly-acrylic test tubes fairly cheap so I ordered a couple dozen. Once they arrived I searched the scrap pile until I found some pretty nice pieces - nothing fancy though...
  2. Custom Jigsaw Puzzle

    Kids have so many toys these days, it's very hard for a grandpa to know what to get for a five-year-old's birthday. My solution is to make something for my grandchildren, and give them a little cash along with that so they can buy whatever toy they might want. This year the gift is a jigsaw...
  3. Scroll saw projects

    Here are a few of my scroll saw projects. I really love my dewalt scroll saw. I tried a few others, but I was sold on the ease of sawing inside cuts.
  4. Shaker Press Cupboard

    This was an early project that I made when I didnt necessarily have all the proper tooling or machinery, but it came out pretty good. Made from cherry, stained in mahogany and coated in lacquer
  5. Coffee table

    I'm not necessarily proud of this project, it was actually pretty problematic. I didn't use any form of joinery (just glue), the ash had some powder beetle trails in it, the stain was supposed to be "dark walnut", but that was a lie, there are noticeable planer marks, and the stain didn't set in...
  6. Temple Clock round 2

    This is my second stab at this design of mine. This time I opted for walnut with a clear poly finish. Same design as before only a little taller and the clock piece is another from Woodcraft. I am much happier with the way the walnut finished as opposed to the polyshades on the pine that I used...
  7. Vesper Inspired Awl

    I have always loved the design of the Vesper Cohen Awl, so I decided to make something very similar. It is made from hard rock maple, a brass plumbing fitting, and a short piece of O1 hss drill rod. I finished it with four coats of Shellac and some furniture paste wax.
  8. can't stop us

    -i was a bit depressed when it came down to time to eat before midnight before surgery & i still had not attached or sanded the seat slats…but, apparently, that can be done (albeit slowly) with one hand. I know this is no different than the other benches; it just felt like more of an...
  9. The Web

    The web is 42 inches across by 38 inches high. It is mounted on sand stone. I have multi axis turned the piece. I wanted to show this piece so you all could get an idea of the size of my other post "In The Beginning". These are so fun to make. The wood is big leaf maple.

  11. Baby Bed (BlackJack Oak)

    To make sure everyone understands this was a CO-Project with my Sawmilling partner. So I can only take credit for half of this project. This was a project of necessity, A friend's daughter became pregnant and asked politely (DEMANDED) we build her a heirloom quality baby bed. Well being the...
  12. Handmade Joint Tea Tabletop (Shoulder Mitered Tenon)

    Working Process on my Youtube"hansjoinery" Subscribe would be my pleasure! Part1 Eastern Table board Part2 Shoulder Mitered Tenon Part3 finish
  13. Another Kerfmaker...with a slight twist

    Another KM for display. In retrospect I might have made the rabbet a little more stout. I was concerned that it would interfere with screw. It locks well so I guess it doesn't matter. The slight twist: there is a brass threaded insert pressed in below the end surface (see third pic). This...
  14. Multifunctional Dust Deputy Cart

    After building the big 5" SDD system for the big pieces of equipment in the shop, I decided that I needed a small cyclone for the shop vac so I wasn't constantly emptying out the shop vac and cleaning the filter. There are numerous versions of Dust Deputy carts on LJ, and elsewhere online. I...
  15. Train Table

    This was supposed to be used for those wooden train sets. There is a lower drawer/shelf that can be pulled out from either side.
  16. Ending my Spork kick! - SOLD

    My admiration for all the beautiful spoons by fellow LJ, particularly Jim Stephenson of NEOWA, was my inspiration to make some of them myself - just to have some fun and to see if I could do it also. All my sporks (spoon on one end and fork on the other - not my invention) were made from...
  17. Handy Hardware

    I grumble some when I realize defeat and go to the hardware store for a fastener knowing I have plenty at home, but "Just Can't Find Them!" The thoughts of using fasteners, scraps of wood, and finishes left over from other projects soothes me, but even more delightful is the thought of making...
  18. Short Block V8, a Small Beginner's Bench with Attitude

    This is a simple but solid workbench for my small shop in Az. I designed it specifically to be build-able with minimal tools, simple skills and readily available materials. That said it includes a leg vice, a wagon vice and holdfasts. It lacks only size and in my case that's an advantage. It is...
  19. Cheese slicer with handle of mesquite

    Cheese slicer with handle of mesquite.
  20. My first bandsaw box

    This is my first attempt for making a bandsaw box. Thanks to all the blogs and posts on LJ that discussed how to make them. These 'jewelry' boxes are for my twin daughters. Their birthday is coming up at the end of February and this is one of their presents. They are made from birds eye...
1-20 of 144 Results