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  1. Miniature Cupboard

    My mother-in-law's nest door neighbors have a grandson who loves The Indian In The Cupboard so for Christmas they wanted to get him a little cupboard. They didn't want it exactly like it but rather something similar that would be his own. It is a simple little cabinet but he really loves it.

    Dana brought me this piece of spruce, planed down nice and smooth and said: "Do something with this!" It was very wet and bled quite a bit while burning. I took rubbing alchol and cleaned it and then proceeded to reburn the sappy spots. It turned out better than I expected, considering the...
  3. Finishing
    I just found one of these in my shop… got it from a friend… never paid much attention to it til now. Preval looks like a COOL system... How many use it (have used it)? Do you like it? What do you spray with it? Have any problems thinning, etc.? Some of the parts can be purchased at...
  4. Woodworking Skill Share
    Hi all. I've got a maple veneered desktop that I'm finishing using the following schedule: 0. sanded up to #220 1. transtint/transfast dyes, rubbed 2. 50% thinned zinsser sealcoat, sprayed via preval portable sprayer 3. 10% thinned GF high performance water based poly, sprayed via preval...
1-4 of 4 Results