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  1. little dogs

    Just a little whittling from from basswood
  2. The wooden witch hunter

    The best amulet is a witch hunter figurine with an aspen stake in his hand))
  3. Odin. Two variants

    Made two figures Odin, in the image of a warrior and a wanderer. When cut that with a spear was reading storm, thunder, tons of lightning)) Very exciting, took it as approval. Wood-cedar, 13 cm. danish oil dark walnut.
  4. A wooden bison

    The first attempt to work with ash. A little hard, but I liked it. Well polished, interesting texture…what a corn. It turned out either bison or auroch. Symbol of Belarus and American football teams))
  5. The Wanderer

    Another attempt to make a wooden figure of Odin in the form of a wanderer. Basswood, 10 cm
  6. Odin, the Father of Gods

    In Germanic mythology, Odin is a widely revered god. In Norse mythology, from which stems most of the information about the god, Odin is associated with wisdom, healing, death, royalty, the gallows, knowledge, battle, sorcery, poetry, frenzy, and the runic alphabet, and is the husband of the...
  7. Heart Shaped (ring) Box

    Made this ring box for an upcoming wedding (not mine). It is genuine mahogany with Kelly green flocking. A steel pin is used to pivot the lid and a magnet snaps it in place.
  8. I Get Attached...

    Twenty plus years ago I made my sons each a wooden P-51 Mustang. I worked a long time getting them just right. I sanded and finished them with care. Aside from a rocking horse they were my first real projects. I gave them to the boys. My six year old made plane sounds as he ran around the...
  9. Ground-wood, rubber bands, & leather

    This is something I just threw together for my friend's grandson who is 8 years old. It will be a Christmas present for him. I'm sure he'll like it and it will take him no time at all to break the bands! LOL Thanks for loookin' and commentin'
  10. Wooden Cars for Christmas

    [Legebla ankaŭ en Esperanto] Yes, I know it's May. See my blog entry near this date for the explanation. These are two wooden cars I built for my great nephew. I made them from new pine, so there would be no worries about used wood having 'whatever' in it. Each blank was created by gluing...
  11. Farewell Gift

    Farewell gift for a departing chaplain that I worked with here at West Point. There were hooks added after this picture was taken that connect the top piece to the botton piece.
  12. Grinder Storage Station

    Made of plywood, SYP drawers and top, and iron on edge banding. Had the paint matched to my lathe at the BORG. Drawers are sliding dovetail. Poly finish on wood. Features: Double locking casters Same height as table saw for stock support Grinder is attached with T-NUTs in the top...
  13. It's that time of year again!

    Christmas is coming so it is time to start making presents. This is a super simple project that make you popular during the Christmas season. These "tumbleweed lights" are made from a big piece of reclaimed beam that I have had for several years. I cut it up to a usable size, used the router...
  14. More Wood Turnings

    More wood turning projects. THe bowl and larger tree are walnut and maple. The small christmas tree and shot glass are cocobolo (i think).
  15. North Wildwood Sign

    Made a sign for my mom for mother's day. THe frame is just painted pine with an oak insert. The engraving was done with a Shaper Origin.
  16. Cedar Tie Rack

    Pair of matching aromatic cedar tie rack / holder to replace a store-bought one that broke. I cut them out with a shaper origin router. Super easy to use. The tape in the last picture is what the router camera uses to orient itself.
  17. Octagon Pinstripe Card Box for Wedding

    Hey there Jocks- just posting a little quickie project I did last week. My best friend's sister was getting married, and I was really disappointed with my choices of gifts from the registry. I asked my buddy if they had anything to put the cards in at the wedding reception, he said no, so I...
  18. Presents For My Friends

    This is a 1998 photo of my friend Christy in Vancouver who I recently built the casket for. She's still with us but failing. The carving she's holding is a piece I did for her oldest son's wedding which took place in Portland Oregon. I mentioned in the Christy's Casket project about my years of...
  19. Bread Slicer

    My son is a really good bread baker. And, tomorrow is my wife's birthday. Idea! Birthday present & justified shop fun! Turn one big old oak board into a Bread Slicer! A little jointing. A little cutting. A little measuring. (14 slices, and it just worked itself out evenly to 1/2" each...
  20. Shapes box children's toy

    I wanted to make a toy for my granddaughter's first birthday, one she could have fun with now and into the future. So I chose this Shapes Box. This shapes toy has 20 different shapes with corresponding holes in all 4 sides and top of the box. Made it out of poplar for ease of cutting and should...
21-40 of 81 Results