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  1. Cutting Boards for Christmas

    Well…my first project post. Here we go. I decided to make a cutting board as a Christmas present for my step-mom. It is one of the ones in the picture with three of them. I have a version just like it, only bigger, that I made my wife a couple years ago. it has been nice to use, but really too...
  2. Santa's Elf with Hand Truck

    This is one of Santa's Elves, moving presents around the warehouse using a hand truck. The Elf is carved from basswood, stands 5.5 inches tall, and is painted with acrylics. Claude
  3. Reporter's Notebook

    This is a reporter's flip-top notepad made out of poplar for a friend's birthday present. The pencil, hand-planed to the correct shape, features four hidden nails that reinforce the front and back covers. The writing and lines are wood-burned on. Working with poplar was an interesting...
  4. Wedding Box

    This is my first post to Lumberjocks. I have drawn much inspiration from the works of so many people on the site that I thought I would share a couple of my pieces. Like just about everything important in my life this piece comes with a story. I got married last June for the second time (my...
  5. Baby Crib - First Project I Designed and Built Myself

    When I found out my wife was pregnant I jokingly said I would build the crib and she held me to it. It is constructed with poplar for everything but the beadboard on the back panel which is pine. It is painted with an espresso finish. Let me know what you think.
  6. Wine Bottle Stoppers - Wood Turning

    A few months ago I walked into a woodshop and kindled the flame of an old interest. Something new and exciting that stuck out to me was the wood lathe. The first time I saw the lathe I wanted to get someone to show me how to use it. After a month of catches and slips I bought my own and have...
  7. A wooden figure of the knight

    A wooden figure of the knight, inspired by the history of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. 125 mm, basswood, danish oil, wax
  8. Bison

    Wooden, bison, wood carving, handmade, present, souvenir, aurochs. All my items are created by me as a hobby. My intention was not to sell anything but if I am able to then I can buy more tools. This is a hand made item and so it will never be perfect. Knife and carving marks will be seen as...
  9. bison #2

    Wooden bison, 125 mm length basswood, danishoil, wax
  10. Little dogs p.2

    I finished some more little dogs. it will be small gifts for my friends. New Year is coming))
  11. wooden dwarves

    A group of the little wooden dwarves, which carved for my good friend. Basswood, 80 mm height, acrylic paint and varnish
  12. Jarls set

    A small series of figurines dedicated to the lords and princes of the ancient Principality of Polotsk ( Different kinds of wood, average hight 100 mm
  13. Grandfather Clock

    First of all, let me preface this posting by saying that this was not my creation. My wife and I were lucky enough to be the recipient of this cherry grandfather clock as a wedding present that was handcrafted by my father and finished by my mother. It's based upon an image of a Nathaniel...
  14. ancient coat of arms "Pahonia"

    This is ancient symbol of bravery, honor and strength.
  15. not Little dog

    Another dog) I guess it's a fat Malamute or husky. Wood - chestnut, impregnated with danish oil. New Year is comingand little dogs - the best way to please loved ones
  16. The wooden figure of slavic prince

    The second attempt to make a figure of Prince Rogvolod-the legendary ruler of Polotsk Principality. Viking invited to rule. Lived a hundred years after Ragnar Lothbrok. Material - basswood, danish oil golden oak, wax
  17. Wooden Viking

    Happy new year! The first figurine in the new year. The second Viking from the mini set. Want to make a Earl and a few warriors.
  18. One-eyed old man

    For this figure I did by accident. Cut, carved basswood wood without a special purpose. Then suddenly I saw the old man's head in the hood and decided to make a Odin figure
  19. A little bison

    a small bison made from American walnut, a symbol of power and nobility … and several football clubs)). covered with oil, wax, polished to shine, it gives warmth and tranquility
  20. little dogs

    Just a little whittling from from basswood
1-20 of 80 Results