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  1. Rowboat

    I wanted to make a one person rowboat that I could easily toss in the back of my truck for a quick solo fishing trip. I started in August and put it in the water in early September. It worked better than expected. Floats like a charm and turns on a dime. I designed it based on photos and...
  2. Childs Pram

    I had some left over birch ply from my last turntable plinth so decided to use it and some other scrap to make this child's pram. The only new bits are the wheels and axels which are just some threaded rod. The red paint really sets it off, the birch is coated with Danish oil. Cheers, David
  3. Toy Pram for my granddaughter for Christmas

    Just waiting for father Christmas to deliver to my Granddaughter who turned 2 end of August. I saw this idea on Facebook on one of the woodworking groups. I asked if he had a plan, but he didn't. He did however share photos from all the different angles en I drew a plan with SketchUp. The...
1-3 of 3 Results