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    Here it is, the power computer lift for my original stand finished. It works great. In the one photo you can see the little box with the control switch. It is powered by a 9v. power supply. The drive is a small surplus DC gear head motor. I never liked moving the lid on the hinge that much so...
  2. Hobo router table

    One of the Christmas gifts I received in 2011 was a router kit. I was really excited about all the new types of things I would be able to do with a router, until I realized that the router is only half of the solution to many of the woodworking projects I had in mind-and a router table is the...
  3. Stack-able Storage

    I have just posted a blog on this project if you are interested.
  4. Cutting Boards

    Just some of the boards I have recently made and sold.
  5. Blogs Which Tim Makes a Rake Ever since I bought a house, I've found myself doing too much yardwork, and not enough woodworking. I decided I could use yardwork as an excuse to woodwork. Rather than buy a $45 aluminum landscaping rake that I would probably only use 4 times in my life, I decided...
1-5 of 5 Results