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  1. Sanding Station

    This is a sanding station I made specifically to create a co-planer space for my Flat Master v-sander and my oscillating sander to sit on that allowed out feet onto my assembly table. The carcass is 3/4 ply, held together with pocket hole screws. I banded all the edges with walnut for color...
  2. wood handles

    It is hard to make my product can market to the world market but I want to share with the world wooden handles from Serbia cao!
  3. Segmented Bowl

    Simple segmented bowl. My sister wanted a large one for fruit. It measures 13-3/4" OD x 5" tall. The bowl making process is detailed here. Anyone wondering about the advantages of power sanding on a lathe, you should do it. Much faster and much easier to not have grit lines. Tighter detail...
  4. Woodturning
    What's the most economical thing to do as far as sanding pads goes, (the drill/mandrel foam pad type). I'm looking at buying a set from a local supplier here but a bit apprehensive about being locked into buying the expensive velcro backed pads for the rest of eternity. Is there any...
  5. Woodturning
    I have moved up to larger diameter bowls and have several that are now dry and ready to finish turn. With smaller bowls I have just used strips of sand paper held in my hand, but have been thinking about power sanding the larger bowls and have seen several videos promoting the idea and the...
1-5 of 5 Results