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  1. Pound-a-Peg Toy

    I built two of these children's toys recently. One is for my son, who turns one today. The other will be a gift for whomever. Its easy to build more than one when you're in the mode. You simply pound the pegs down, then flip the bench over and pound them back the other way. I remember using this...
  2. Angry Bird Clock

    I made this Angry Bird Clock for my son. He loves the angry birds soft toys and is especially crazy about Chuck. Chuck, the Yellow Bird is a character in the Angry Birds games and most probably his favorite one. You fin a lot of Red bird clock but no Yellow Bird ones. Material Use: 1/4...
  3. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Greetings. I plan on giving my young son a "Pound-a-peg" or "Pounding Bench" toy this Christmas. You know - hammer the pegs through the holes, flip over the 'bench', repeat. It seems simple enough that many of us would draw up our own plan or "wing it". I did a search on plans however, and while...
1-3 of 3 Results