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  1. Potter Fan Wands

    Here is a special request from a couple of Harry Potter fans. Personal magic wands. They are done in Canarywood and Cuban Mahogany with Swarovski crystals in the handle ends. They measure 5/8×5/8×10 1/2 long. They are fun to do. They will have to have them activated by someone else though… I...
  2. Garden tools (lathe work).

    Garden tools Lathe work. The past summer I made a few garden tools that I needed. All from recycle wood. Using a tool that you made your self do bring an extra smile. Now I will dream of the summer. Pictures: 1. A selection of tools. 2. The potter tool in use. 3. Dibber in the ground. 4...
  3. Christie's Potter Wand

    My best friend is a young lady who was born without her arms, so she uses a stick to type, turn book pages, etc. She also loves Harry Potter. What to make her for Christmas last year was pretty obvious. When my dad passed away last April, I inherited an entire box of walnut slats, about 2"...
  4. Luna Lovegood's wand ... sort of.

    I received an e-mail yesterday asking if I could make the wand in the attached photo. So I gave it a try. I went off the picture and a lot of guess work. I hope it works for them. I made it from a 1" diameter oak dowel I had laying around the garage. It's about 12" long. It took me about...
  5. the Christmas...of the lathe (duh duh duuuuuuhhhh)

    Two Christmas's ago I finally got my lathe up and working that I inherited from my grandfather. My wife and her sisters decided that we would all make stuff that the all the kids (ours and their cousins) can come through and pick out to gift to each other. I turned harry potter wands galore...
  6. 17" Wand produced from boredom. (SOLD)

    This is what happens when it rains and I get bored. Just garbage pallet wood, stained and painted. This cured about 3 hours of my boredom. I put it on ebay as soon as it was done. You can find it here.
1-6 of 6 Results