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  1. Crown of Thorns Portrait

    I made this last summer for my Church. The pattern is by Santomarco Enzo and was published in Scrollsaw Woodworking and Crafts Spring 2007. The article included the plans for the frame. The portrait is Baltic birch plywood and the frame is solid birch that has been stained.
  2. Model T

    I cut this picture at the request of a friend. That's him and his wife with their Model T.
  3. Bogie and Bacall

    One of the members suggested that I do a portrait of Bogart. Here's what I came up with. Pattern designed by me using GIMP2. Cut in 1/8" Baltic birch ply. 8×10"
  4. Dr. Who 50th Anniversary Scrollwork Portrait

    I was wanting to do this scrollwork for a while now and just couldn't find the spare time. I finally found a few hours over last weekend and got the itch to sit at the scrollsaw…..... If you are a Dr. Who Fan then I need not explain what this is, but for the few dozen or so of you who aren't -...
  5. Abe Lincoln Portrait

    I cut this yesterday. Pattern designed by me from this photo, using GIMP2. I make portraits of famous people once in a while, because their faces are so recognizable by so many people that I want to see if my patterns really depict them well.
  6. Scroll saw portrait

    This is a short lived foray into doing some scroll saw portraits. I actually did one of my brother and his son and one of my Mom and Dad. Didn't take pictures though. Rats on that one.
  7. My five year old

    This is a portrait of one of my sons, the original photo and the sketch I used as a patern for the burn. It is an 8×10 on birch ply. I added pictures that I hope help answer any questions. I print out a picture and usually draw over the picture the areas I want to use for shading the burn… it...
  8. Eddie Van Halen

    Pattern design and cutting by Kris Martinson. This is my tribute to the greatest rock guitarist of all time.
  9. John Wayne as Hondo

    Pattern design and cutting by Kris Martinson
  10. Beatles Rubber Soul

    Pattern design and cutting by Kris Martinson
  11. No Man Left Behind

    Pattern design and cutting by Kris Martinson. I made this pattern at the request of a Scroll Saw magazine publisher. It was featured in Scroller's Choice Magazine.
  12. Stevie Ray Vaughn

    Pattern design and cutting by Kris Martinson
  13. Friend's Daughter

    Pattern design and cutting by Kris Martinson. One of my Facebook friends posted a photo of his 4yo daughter, and I thought that her expression was so cute, that I asked my friend for permission to cut the piece. Wonderful feeling, giving him a permanent wooden portrait of his little girl, and...
  14. Portrait 1

    Pattern design and cutting by Kris Martinson
  15. Emma Watson

    Pattern design and cutting by Kris Martinson
  16. Portrait 2

    Pattern design and cutting by Kris Martinson. I picked the photograph for this piece at random. This is just a photo I found on the internet. I found her look to be intriguing, so I created the pattern to see if I could do it justice in wood.
  17. Hula Girl With Gourd

    Pattern design and cutting by Kris Martinson. My Hawaiian-themed projects reflect my love for Maui. I've enjoyed many wonderful vacations on and hope to retire there one day.
  18. Scroll Saw Portraits

    These are some examples of my attempt at scroll saw portraits. I developed the patterns from photographs. They are cut in 1/8 baltic birch ply using a #1 spiral blade. The sabertooth tiger was stack cut with two layers of 1/8" ply and 4 sheets of paper in the middle. The third picture shows...
  19. Ray Lewis Scrollwork

    Yes Sir! Number 52 Baby! Training Camp is full swing and around here all eyes and ears are on the one and only Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens - without doubt the all time greatest linebacker that ever played the game! I'm pretty proud of this one as I created the pattern from a picture -...
  20. Scroll Saw Portrait of Saffron

    I cut this portrait of my brother-in-law's dog named Saffron. A great dog that we all miss. I got the pattern from Burdez at
1-20 of 118 Results