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  1. Porch Swing

    I made this porch swing as a Christmas gift for my mother, and she loved it. It was a fun project to do based on these plans:
  2. Cedar porch swing and structure

    I made this for my wife who has been asking me for years for a porch swing. My excuse to not make it was that we didn't have a porch. ;) Everything is made from western red cedar, except the seat slats which are a clear white cedar. The bench was based off of a plan I had in a book and the...
  3. Porch Bed Swing

    New porch Bed Swing for the wife
  4. Mother's Day Swing

    I built this swing for my wife for mothers day this year. Its up on blocks in my not-so-level yard for the moment until I build my island deck. Basic treated lumber, stained with Minwax Provincial and 2 coats of Thompson's water seal. I'll cut the chains off after I get it set up on my island...
  5. Birthday Porch Swing

    My favorite Mother and Father in Law had birthdays so my wife and I created this extra special porch swing for both of them to enjoy for a long time to come. This project is 100% Cedar and smells really good when swinging. You could say this was made with lots of love. Enjoy my friends.
  6. Fail and recovery - Porch Swing

    Started a "Weekend Project" - a porch swing for my wife. I liken it to the "Killer Rabbit" of Monty Python fame: A seemingly easy task the proves somewhat more problematic than anticipated. Purchased the seat and accoutrements, but needed an "A" frame. The 1st, 4th, 5th, and 6th photos are the...
  7. Porch Swing, 4 ever swing.

    ((Handmade))This Is a Porch Swing. I have built for over 20 Years,Recently I was able to Bend the stainless steel 16 gauge 1 1/4" square tubing, given me the best of all materials for a porch swing, all framing and hardware, including chain, are stainless steel, the wood is IPE, with this...
  8. King and Queen Swing

    Here's a 6' swing built for a neighbor. 100% Alabama Red Cedar, all screw holes plugged with cedar plugs, 4 coats Minwax spar urethene sprayed, cupholders in armrest and wide-rounded top board. thanks for looking,
  9. Porch Swing for the St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway

    As a father, i could never imagine getting the news that one of my children were ill, especially with something as serious as Cancer. So when i saw our local home developer (Elliot Homes) that does the annual St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway, here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, I reached out to see...
  10. Red oak porch swing

    I built this 6 foot swing two months ago for a friend. Story has it that the old swing collapsed when the husband and wife sat down at the same on a Saturday morning for coffee. Coffee went everywhere. Pride was the only thing hurt. I used Olympic clear water gaurd for the finish. Dave.
  11. Adirondack Chairs & Porch Swing

    I made this furniture from cedar fence board purchased from a big box store. This seemed like a good idea at first, but if I had a mulligan I would pay a bit extra for better stock. I used plans for the chairs and improvised with the ottomans and porch swing. I can't say that I use the...
  12. Redwood porch swing from reclaimed decking

    This is a porch swing that I made for my mother. I used reclaimed redwood decking from a customer's deck that I replaced a couple years ago. So it does have some blemishes, but Ma is happy beyond belief and that's what really matters. I have made porch swings in the past so I went with what I...
  13. Porch Swing Bird Feeder

    Thanks to the prior posts on Lumberjocks, I reproduced this great little project. I have a friend from Australia, Mr. Tim Rose, who is a fine carpenter from Perth. On a visit this Fall, he brought me some short pieces of Jarrah, a wood native to his Southwest Australia. I used the Jarrah and...
  14. Red Wood Porch Swing

    Greetings & Salutations, I built this swing a couple of years ago for the front porch and had some success selling a few. I have 5 coats of spa polyurethane for protection and it has held up quite well. I let it stay out the first year but did take it in this winter. I have built this style...
  15. Porch Swing

    A Christmas gift for my in-laws. I designed this one to have a little feel of a adorondack chair.
  16. Alan's Porch Swing repair

    My neighbor, Alan got this swing from his brother in law for free, . . The only problem was, it had a broken 1×6 top railing with hearts cut out. . . . He asked if I could help him make a new one. . I said, Sure, I can help you. .... But, does that mean You want to make it in my shop...
  17. commissioned to make a ceder swing

    my brother and law wanted me to make this ,and it was my first red ceder swing ,i'll be making me one next ,cause i love it. it's five foot long , and the wood is 1 inch thick, slats are 1 and 1/2 wide
  18. Yard/porch swing

    This plan came from Handy Magazine. It was a 48 inch wide bench made from pine. I widened the bench to 60 inches, thickened the slats about 1/8 inch thicker, made from Sassafras and the frame is from red oak and black walnut. It was sanded, then a coat of primer, then sanded, then another coat...
  19. Cedar Porch Swing

    The untreated pine porch swing that I made 8 years ago had finally deteriorated to the point that it could no longer support people. I decided to replace it with one made of Eastern Red Cedar with some improvements. I copied the seat and back curves from my original swing as they were very...
  20. Crooked Cedar Porch Swing

    My first Cedar porch swing can be seen in an earlier project posting. The lessons I learned from that first attempt are all incorporated here in this second one. This second swing was ordered from a woman who saw the first one but wanted a few changes. It was much easier to build and I didn't...
1-20 of 35 Results