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  1. Milestone: 10 Craftsman Porch Columns Restored

    When the pristine plaster in our 88 year old Craftsman-style home began to crack, we were called out on the condition of our porch. It was sinking on its foundation. So, the porch roof was propped up. I completely demoed everything down to the bare foundation. It's amazing what you can do...
  2. Marketplace Classifieds
    I have two Grizzly air filters that I purchased, but have never used. One is the Grizzly H9621, a 5 micron filter, and the second is the Grizzly H9622, a 1 micron bag filter. Both are made to fit the Grizzly G0572 air filter unit. I purchased them planning to build them into a box with an old...
1-2 of 2 Results