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  1. Haunted Forest Tiles in porcelain framed in Quartersawn White Oak

    Titled: Another look into my Haunted Forest landscape in green Tiles are made from stoneware porcelain, fired to 2345 degrees Hunter green glaze recipe came from Laura Reutter, Founder of Ravenstone Tilesworks in Seattle All my tiles start as mahogany relief woodcarvings,then … made into...
  2. What to do with a porcelain tile and a 2x4?

    The wife wanted a small table for her tv/reading snacking and I just got a new tablesaw-- a Ridgid r4512-- so it's a great time for a quick and dirty/cheap project. Enter a 9×12 porcelain tile and a 2×4. What can we do for under 5 bucks? 1 1/2×1 1/2 legs were ripped and then a taper to 3/4...
  3. Pole Lamp

    I found some old porcelain electrical parts and they compelled me to make this. It was fascinating to see what, I think, were standard parts before OSHA. I've seen picture of basements wired like this. I buffed the brass and copper slightly, and for the new brass screws and plates, I antiqued...
1-3 of 3 Results