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  1. jewelry box

    jewelry boxes. made of box elder with red velvet lining. padauk with black velvet. buckeye with blue velvet.
  2. Counter Height Stools

    After searching the box stores and furniture stores and not finding a good selection of stools of counter height stools. I decided to try my luck at making some. They are made of popular. Tried my luck at upholstery and learned some tricks and design improvements after the fact. All and all...
  3. My first table

    I made this table about 4 years ago when my second son began to walk. We had a glass and wood coffee table at the time, and were concerned that he would break it, and hurt himself. So I made a small table that I didn't mind if the kids tore it up too bad. Good thing too, the 1 year old...
  4. intarsia cat

    I made this cat for my wife for christmas. It is my first try at intarsia. The legs and bottom of the body are made of popular, the rest of the body is made of oak, the eye, ear and nose are made of wenge, and I forget what I used for the forehead. I cut all the pieces with a scroll saw, fit...
  5. Bandsaw Box

    This is a small bandsaw box I completed for some friends in North Dakota. I sure hope they enjoy it.
  6. class project

    This was one of the first piece of furniture I ever made. I made it when I was taking cabinetmaking in college. It was the first quarters final grade. we had to use nothing but hand tool to take it from rough stock to finish. with the exception of being able to route the top. I even added the...
  7. Carved Bowl

    This bowl is a little larger than most I have done and is from another piece of popular salvaged from the firewood pile. This one has some kind of critter in the grain of the upper corner. Is it a beaver, a rabbit or what?
  8. Another doll sized bed for a photographer

    This is a small doll sized bed for a photographer friend of my wife. The frame is 1x pine I had and the panels are 1/4 birch glued back to back. I did mortise and tenon joints to get more practice. To set the panels into the rails I used my mortiser and just kept moving down to make to...
  9. burl clock and burl logging

    On my trip to the burl forest taking a new product to the Kitchen Store I went down a side street and seen a gallery with some wood project through the window. I went back to see if they took handmade products and showed her the clock. They will take my work and are opening another one in...
  10. chopping block island

    My Wife has wanted a chopping block island for years. Our kitchen in Seattle just didn't have the room for one, but the kitchen in France was PLENTY big enough. I looked into taking some 5/4 maple and gluing it up for her, but without a table saw and a power planer (except for a Lathe - I have...
  11. English Layout Square

    I saw this square at the Woodworking in America Conference this past fall and thought it was a beautiful tool. I took several photos with the intention of making one of my own but managed to lose them. Fortunately Christopher Schwarz wrote up this square as a project in the December 2010...
  12. New Tool Box for my Angle Grinder

    My old H/F cheapo angle grinder gave up the ghost and when I decided to buy a nice new one, it didn't come with a case. So, I had an old Poplar board that kept telling me to make something from it, and I decided to build my new grinder a nice new case. It is both heavy duty, and nice to look at...
  13. Side Table - The light and the dark. Greene and Greene Side Table

    When I decided to build this table I had one purpose in mind, to break the misconception of making a table from Popular wood. Not that Popular would be a unique wood, but more that this particular piece of popular was breaking the mold on the conception of what this species of wood looked like...
  14. Table

    So first attempt at making a piece of furniture. Wife wanted a "sofa table" that could double as seating for 3 when we entertain. The table measures 24×72, is counter height and made of popular. Numerous areas for improvement however for a first attempt I am pretty happy.
  15. 3 Blanket chests

    This is a set of three blanket chest I made for my daughter and a couple of her friends. Here is the blog if you are interested in the process and a quick cut list. The frames are poplar. The panels and trim are Red oak. (panels are 1/4" ply) All of the lumber was self cut and has been air...
  16. Dresser Tray

    First a short explanation of all of the following posts. One of the areas where I sell my scrollsaw items is at a local senior center. Now this is one interesting challenge. The item must be well made, good quality, nice appearance and LOW cost. Those are some interesting qualities to put...
  17. Wobble Bowl

    The next items is a wobble bowl. A multi use item. Again, could be a dresser tray, a fruit bowl, a place for some dried flowers or lots of other uses.
  18. Playing Card Racks

    Next items I found as a search of the internet. Some playing card racks. Sometimes there are 300 seniors playing cards a once. I know that their hands can hurt, they may want to free their hands to hold coffee or snacks, or just for some finger pointing as the game gets wild.
  19. Remote Control Center (home)

    Not all seniors have a universal remote control. Some still have two or three so I made this "Remote Home". One place to store all of the remotes, or other items, in one place.
1-20 of 102 Results