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  1. Projects Laptop/Monitor Stand

    I had a request to make a simple stand for a laptop that is being used as a spare monitor. Though it was simple, it took several different operations making it an interesting project. This is what I came up with.
  2. 12 Volt Floor Lamp

    Here is a unique project that I came up with. I took a 12 volt landscape lighting fixture, ordered a longer stem that matched the original (48") and built a wooden base for a floor lamp. I housed a 120 to 12 volt mini transformer in the base. I have it plugged in to a timer so that it turns...
  3. Candle Holders

    Here are a couple of candle holders that were made from some old oak boards that were almost used for firewood. Not too fancy, but functional.
  4. Plant Hangers

    These plant hangers make great giveaways…especially during Spring season. I copied this pattern from my neighbors plant hanger and made a couple of spare templates from 1/4" hardboard. Now their a snap to make. They hold 4 6" clay pots perfectly.
  5. Ring Box

    I made several of these for a couple of upcoming craft shows. Made from some old oak true 2×4's. Finish is three coats of homemade wipe-on poly. Used Minwax polyurethane thinned with mineral spirits.
  6. Cards & Dice Box

    I made a cards & dice box to give to my brother-in-law when I visit CT in August. I used red oak with walnut splines. Left it natural except for three coats of brushed on polyurethane and a shot of paste wax. I added a California quarter to the lid. Thanks for looking.
  7. Paint Storage Box

    I made a storage box for my small bottles of acrylic paints. It was just for shop use so I rushed it a bit and used pine and a plywood top. Most of the pictures were just prior to cutting off the lid and mounting the hinges.
  8. Teak Swim Steps

    Teak Swim Steps for the back of a boat. Finish is teak Oil. The owners were very happy. Keep 'em smilin'
  9. Bass Speaker Cabinet

    I made this bass speaker cabinet at the request of a friend. Most of my projects don't require plans and a cut list but I was able to use them in this case. There are 45 biscuits, so I cut 90 slots hoping that everything would line up correctly. Started with a 5×5 sheet of 1/2" Baltic Birch so...
  10. 2 Pot Plant Hanger

    I made these to add to my craft fair selection. They went over really well. I also make the 4 pot version.
  11. First Bandsaw Box

    Made this for a birthday gift, used Redwood with Golden Pecan stain and brushed on Spar varnish. I made the heart w/arrow template in Microsoft Word. I learned some things while cutting out this first one, but I think it will still be appreciated.
  12. Shot Glass Display Case

    My coworker asked if I can make a shot glass display case. Naturally I said "Yes". Well better late than never. I milled everything down from 3/4 stock that was from cabinet shop cutoffs. Finished it tonight. It actually looks better than my photography shows.
  13. Elks Plaque

    I made this plaque on a request from my cousin who will be giving it to the current Exalted Ruler at his Elk's Lodge at the end of her term. Should be a long lasting keepsake. Cherry wood has been working out well with the CNC. Finished with Natural Danish Oil. I took some pictures before...
  14. Life's A Beach

    I made this for my cousin. She love's the beach. Wood is Cherry. CNC work and hand painted. Finish is Natural Danish Oil.
  15. Sander Cart

    This rolling sander cart is handy in a small shop. Added locking casters for portability. Joined with Pocket hole screws, wood screws and biscuits for the drawer. Wood was free and some from the scrap bin. Drawer face is laminate flooring.
  16. Autographed Golf Ball

    I finally took a crack at the golf ball in a cage adventure. You would typically use a soft wood. But since I want to give it to a friend I chose some Mahogany that I had on hand. A hard wood makes the project a little more risky. It was nervous time inserting the golf ball into its new home...
  17. Small Crosscut Sled

    Made this small crosscut sled for my contractor saw. Made it from an old pantry cupboard door that I saved from our kitchen remodel. I managed to dial it in with only one adjustment and it is near perfect. I can't believe I waited so long before making it. It's a must have.
  18. Golf Club Repair Stand

    I made the golf club repair stand by request for a buddy who does his own golf club repairs. He wanted a stand to set the clubs on while the adhesives were drying, etc… I cut the parts out of a glued panel of knotty pine and painted it Espresso.
  19. 2-Pot Plant Hanger

    I made a different version of my 2-pot plant hanger for a buddy and his wife. I usually stain them Vs. painting them. I cut it out from a glued panel of knotty pine. Knots are hard to hide with paint. I may use poplar next time I am painting instead of staining. All in all I think it looks ok.
  20. VIP Plaque

    I made a plaque for my cousin as a surprise gift just prior to his visiting from out of state. He has his own Professional Photography Studio. The Plaque is just under 5" x 5" in size. I used Alder, Natural Danish Oil and Poly.
1-20 of 39 Results