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  1. Fire place wrap

    I got the idea from another post on this site. Painted wall black, stained poplar boards with a coffee color gel stain.
  2. Koi Pond Desk

    This is a mesquite slab that had a crevice that allowed me put lay down some river rocks and the tiniest koi fish I have ever seen. I added some clear epoxy to allow the koi fish to be seen as if it was a pond. The legs are made out of poplar and stained them using and ebony and stain that...
  3. Black Swans Music Box

    Hi Everyone! Here is another box that my husband built for me out of poplar wood and stained it with Early American. I wood burned the Black Swans on the top and the music tune is Swan Lake. Thank you for looking. Danette "Keep burning and learning © ™" Danette (aka Dannie) Smith...
  4. Night Stand (1st posting)

    Hi All, I wasn't sure where to start in posting some of my work that I have done in the past, so I thought I start with these night stands. It was a design that I came up with. As with nearly all my work, if I can make something without nails or screws, that is what I want to so as I did with...
  5. Replacement Porch Posts

    One of my customers needed 4 posts to replace the rotted ones on they're old house. They were over 8 ft. long so I had to add extension rails on my Legacy mill to accomidate the length. I haven't shared a project in a while so here ya go.
  6. 2015 - January

    These are small oval boxes made of Poplar wood that I designed using AutoCad, laser cut, and finally laser engraved. There is no finish on them as of yet. Once that is done, I'll post them on my ETSY store (Spitfire Laser) along with other boxes that I have completed. If you have time take a...
  7. Predator

    This captures the soul of a predator in its natural habitat, standing proud with what I would refer to as "the one that didn't get away". This carving is crafted from poplar wood and coated with a natural finish. When totaling up the time on this project, I was shocked to see that I had 100...
  8. Phone/Tablet Charging Cabinet

    To reduce clutter on the counter top I built this small cabinet to house our phones and tablets. It measures 18 X 18 X 7 3/4 inches. I used louvered doors for ventilation since there is a small amount of heat built up. It is hung to the wall with a french cleat. You can also make it to sit on a...
  9. Montana Theme - Late Dec. 2014

    At my dad's request, I made this Montana themed box for my niece who now lives in Montana. It will be a present to her from him for Christmas. The box features a Bear walking up mountain with distant mountains in the background. The wood is Poplar. The images were burned onto the box with a laser.
  10. Focus on the Workspace
    I am curious if anyone has had or would have any interest in custom shop cabinets you could assemble and finish? A typical scenario may go as follows: 1. You provide the materail 2. The shop provides the materail 3. Cabinet joinery is based on blind dado construction 4. Cabinet would need...
1-10 of 10 Results