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  1. Outdoor/Indoor Beer Pong Game with Caddy

    This was actually a game that I bought at a local discount store that we used all summer last year until the boards were literally falling apart. they were mad from cheap particle board and didn't stand up to the abuse of a bunch of drinking okies. Because they were so much fun I had little...
  2. Popping my LJ's cherry with Beer Pong!

    First of all I would like to say, I am way out of my league here, some of the work that you post here on LJ's is absolutely incredible, I've been woodworking since high school and now I'm 31, but still have yet to really hone my precision skills, I've made tons of little projects but I really...
  3. Had to be done

    A big thanks goes out to DMcKay for this idea. Wish I had a shop teacher like that as a kid. A quick build and a lot of fun. Gave it to my dad for his birthday so he can chase the grandkids around. A note of caution though - this thing will leave a welt on someone…...just ask my brother. haha
  4. Eagles wood beer pong table with LED lights and ball washer

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1-5 of 5 Results