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  1. Step Stool SR

    This step stool was made with red oak. I used the band saw to cut out the W for the legs, i used two different pieces of wood cut out one half of the W on one side and the other half on the other piece of wood, then glued them together. I used a router bit to make a design on the top, and...
  2. Shopmade Carving Mallet

    When I saw in a magazine this carving mallet made out of black iron plumbing parts, I knew I should make my own. The required items are : One 3/4'' to 1''reducer, one 6'' long 3/4'' coupling, one bicycle inner tube and fabric athletic tape (hockey). I added the white plastic cap to soften the...
  3. Dog feeding station

    Nothing spectacular, but a simple dog feeding station. 1" African mahogany, kreg joinery, gel stain, which I actually enjoyed and thought I wouldn't, then finally 4 coats of poly. Just got into woodworking about a year ago and made some cutting boards, now getting around to expanding my skills.
  4. Mobile Planing Station

    This is from a plan that I got from PlansNow. I have a small shop so I needed a way to store the planer that I just bought. The planer weighs 92 lbs. and is just barely "portable". This mobile planing station has wheels so that I can move it around and stow the entire thing by leaning it against...
  5. ART Office Desk / upcycled drafting table

    i am in the process of making a desk out of a section of salvaged bowling alley lane for my home studio. that project will likely be a very time consuming one, however, i have an immediate need for a desk. so, i decided to make an upcycled desk for the interim. this desk is make from an old...
  6. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    How about a double sink? Let's see you throw something like this up on your lathe. But wait there's more! How about a full bathtub? See the full product catalog at
  7. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    I am replacing the drain basket in the kitchen sink. I'll be using the large fiber and rubber washers below the basket and plumber's putty under the rim on the top of the sink. I'm wondering if the sink will be ready for use immediately or should I give it some time before using it? Thanks.
  8. Blogs
    Overall work flow/cabinets for laundry room Given our very small house, I am trying to design and build a laundry room that provides maximum efficiency and looks good enough to leave open. The vision is to have a handwashing/storage for our three children and a good laundry folding/storage...
  9. Blogs
    Finally a Space of My Own We finally got our basement a bit more organized and painted, thus giving me a space that I can actually call a workshop. The two photos below show the area I'm working in. The oil tank is a feature because I can put drawings or notes on it with magnets. They don't...
  10. Designing Woodworking Projects
    LJs: I'm designing the space beneath the sink in my new wet bar cabinets and would like to offset the tailpiece to put the p-trap in the back. This would give me space for an extra drawer. I've seen some expensive offset drain tailpieces, but I wonder if anybody has tried piecing something...
1-11 of 11 Results