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  1. Information Sign Board w/ Magnetic Frames

    This is another project for the summer camp I work at. It is a sign board that displays the pictures/cell phone numbers of our 3 staff hosts on duty, it has two 8.5×11 frames for general group information/schedule, and it has a weatherproof literature box to hold our camp maps. This is one of...
  2. Uncle's Army Veterans Box

    This is the first themed box I've done. I built this for my 85 year-old uncle who served in the U.S. Army from 1947 to 1950 and was an MP in Tokyo from 1948 to 1950. He has been active veteran for nearly 3 decades, marching in parades and firing salutes at military funerals. The box is...
  3. Router table build with shop made insert plate

    This project has been long in the making. I finally got around to making my own router table with split fence. In Israel they have the European system where you can't actually get all the parts like you can in the US/Canada. Its a Bosch 1250 CE router. I called England and even Germany (though...
1-3 of 3 Results