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  1. Teardrop Fiddle from Mohogany and Pine

    Just before the Covid-19 crisis hit, I had decided to build a teardrop fiddle. I had previously acquired a cheap violin neck accidentally, (I thought I ordered a very cheap cello neck, but the description was misleading.) I doubt that I will ever get to a proper lutherie school for violin...
  2. Is it an Aussie Ute or an American Pickup?

    Is it an Aussie Ute or an American Pickup? The local shop asked me for a few more toys, specially a UTE, well that's what we call "pickup's" downunder. About 8" [200mm[ long by 4.5" [120mm] wide made from offcuts and reclaimed timber. Good strong playable toy with enough detail to be...
1-2 of 2 Results