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  1. Black Ash Platter

    This platter, turned from a slab of Black Ash, is about 14" long and 8" wide. The bowl is about 6" in diameter. This was a challenging piece to turn … the slab was only a little over an inch thick, and I had to juxtaposition the bowl and foot around the two piths (that's why the bowl is so far...
  2. Mahogany platter

    Interwoven hearts design. Carved with a dremel tool. 10 & 1/2". No finish yet.
  3. Iridescent Painted Platter

    Another 12-inch pine platter decorated with iridescent paints. This platter was inspired by projects posted on YouTube by Tim Yoder ( ) and Gary Lowe ( ). I turned the platter and used a gloss black spray paint to 'ebonize' it. Working with the iridescent paint is a blast!
  4. Small Bits

    When you only have a small amount of time to turn, turn something small. These are very small bowls turned from Osage Orange for a friend who makes and finishes dollhouses. Both were turned on my MIDI lathe using a collet chuck and a very sharp Beecham skewchingouge. The platter is finished in...
  5. 13" Jatoba platter

    Here's an Irish platter from some 6/4 Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry) Its 13" round and finished with Howard butcher block conditioner applied with a 320 grit sanding pad Thanks for looking! Chris
  6. Frazzald

    Large 12in decorative maple platter with lid,Turned,burned,carved and colored.
  7. "Big Game" platter

    The spousal unit found a picture online and said she wanted something like this. Sorry I don't know who the original person was, I just got a text. Either way…we were invited to a big football party at the beginning of the month is I figured why not. No plans, and 4 evenings after work. Made...
  8. Bat walnut platter (inlayed with maple) and its steel bat knife

    A quick project for christmas. A walnut bat platter for fruits or cheeses and its bat knife cut out from a cabinet scraper !! :) I also inlayed some contrasting strips of maple in the walnut. The video below shows the making process and how the knife works and throws. I couldnt manage to get...
  9. Offset

    I took a 2 day class with Douglas Fisher and this was the result.
  10. Koa and Ebony Presentation Board

    Made of Hawaiian Koa and Gaboon Ebony, this presentation board was made for my sister-in-law who had bought me the Koa on a trip to Hawaii. I held on to the wood for over 10 years waiting for the right project at the right time…this was it. The back is engraved with the following Hawaiian...
  11. Arched Sides Cutting Board

    This cutting board is has cherry runner sides with a curly maple and walnut surface with thin paduak accent strips. The arched cherry sides are both decorative and functional, as they provide a softening of the squared edges and raise the main cutting surface off the countertop for improved air...
  12. Platters with a history

    Finished these 6 oak platters about 2 weeks ago, mostly pre-pandemic. My brother gave me some wood from a table that was in basement of the family home when we kids grew up. Best I can tell the table was left there by my grandparents when they retired and my parents took over the farm. There...
  13. Circle of Life

    It all started one blustery day. I was released from my mothers arm and I twirled through the sky. The man called me junk, the little girl called me a helicopter. She twirled me over and over again. That night she tucked me into some warm soil. I quickly grew legs and shot up towards the sun...
  14. Square Platter

    This is a square platter turned from ash. Finished with black lacquer. Grain enhanced with Jimmy Clewes cream filler with a topcoat of clear lacquer. I used candy apple red over silver on the top and just candy apple red on the bottom. 8 1/4" square by 1 1/4" tall.
  15. Bowl from Ash Burl

    I had one last chunk of ash burl, and turned another bowl. This one is about 18" which is a bit larger than the last one. This stuff was fun to turn! Here's a video if you'd be interested in seeing the process: Thanks for looking! Cheers and stay safe, Paul
  16. 3D Platter

    3 D Platter 310 mm in diameter with Kauri outer segmented frame. Turned from Kahikatea, Kauri and Jarrah. Comments welcome
  17. maple platter

    This is a maple platter that I turned as part of a production run. The platter is 11" in diameter. Between the raised rings on the top I did chatter work with my homemade chatter tool. I didn't manage to get a photo of the platter bottom, but there was chatter work there as well. I wiped the...
  18. 15 inch hard maple burl platter, poly and wax finish

    I bought a 95lb maple burl off ebay a few years ago. This is a platter I made from it. Plus a few other things.
  19. Rustic Walnut Log Cheeseboard Cake platter or Candle Pedestal #1

    Wild Pennsylvania Black Walnut Live edge Freeform CheeseBoard ~ Cake Platter ~ Candle Pedestal FOOD SAFE FINISH I had a bakery custom order one of these & decides create several they are so cool. These are not just hacked out with a chainsaw, I actually strapped the walnut log upright to my...
  20. Live Edge NATURAL Log Cheese Cutting board wood Cake Platter Candle Pedestal 2

    Wild Pennsylvania Black Walnut CheeseBoard ~ Cake Platter ~ Candle Pedestal Live edge Freeform FOOD SAFE FINISH This heirloom quality piece measures 2 inches tall (thick), with a 13.5X10" top. I had a bakery custom order one of these & decides create several they are so cool. These are not just...
21-40 of 169 Results