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  1. Spalted Figured Maple Platter

    If you get up early some mornings (earlier than is normal for me) and go down to the dock, the water is dead calm and a mist hangs over the water. Through the mist the outline of the island appears. Just then, a gentle breeze blows across the water, gently lifting the mist and rippling the water...
  2. Iridescent Painted Platters

    Two 12-inch pine platters decorated with iridescent paints. I did a smaller maple platter a few months ago … ... and decided to do some more when I came across some dry pine planks that were 2-inches thick and over 12-inches wide. These platters were inspired by projects posted on YouTube by...
  3. Seeing Red

    Box Elder platter that is 10 inches in diameter. There was a small void in the bottom that I filled with turquoise inlace. This has one coat of wipe on poly and will get several more coats before it heads to its new owner. Red color in this piece of wood was absolutely stunning. Have several...
  4. Black Walnut Platters

    One of the reasons I upgraded my lathe last November was to be able to turn larger bowls and platters. I recently purchased a large quantity of Black Walnut from a gentleman moving out of the area. The last picture was the experiment, getting down the process since I'd never done a platter...
  5. A pair of Eucalyptus bowls/platters

    Heres a couple of bowl/platters from a eucalyptus tree which was harvested just down the road from my house in Tarpon Springs, Fl. The peice with no finial is ment for the owner of the tree which was harvested from hisfront yard by a local group who rescues trees otherwise Meant for the dump...
  6. Eggshell Mosaic

    15 1/2in figured maple platter with an eggshell rim.
  7. Carved Maple Platter

    Dyed and carved square maple platter. Imitating stone…
  8. "Celestial Love"

    Stained and woodburned maple plate with copper wire insert in rim.
  9. Two Platters

    Here are two platters, each about 10" in dia, that I turned while I was in Phoenix. Both are figured maple and were from blanks acquired from the local Rockler store. They were sanded to 2000 grit, given 3 coats of Min Wax Antique Oil and buffed
  10. Small Plate from Horse Chestnut

    A small woodturned plate from Horse Chestnut :)
  11. Cheese platter

    The luster is very dramatic when you move this platter through the light. It is beautiful if I say so myself. It is about 10 1/2 inches in diameter. Sanded to 600 and finished with Watco brand Butcher Block finish.
  12. Square Turned Walnut Dish

    This started last November as a project in a woodturning class at Annapolis Woodworks. I was not able to finish before the class ended. The grain in the wood looked pretty special, so I decided to hang onto it and finish it. Recently, I finally got around to working on it. It would not fit...
  13. Shaped by Irregularities

    Cheese and/or bread platter. Made out of scrap box elder and shaped by the differing lengths of the scrap pieces. Measures 12" x 8" x 1/2". The small knife is a piece of scrap cherry. This was just something to do to pass time between projects and turned out okay for scrap wood. Finished...
  14. 10" Walnut platter

    My latest turning. I finished a walnut platter last night. 10" wide with a nice inclusion of sapwood. Very happy with the grain of this one. It came from a large crotch piece supplied by a woodcutter friend. Thanks Curtis. Thanks for looking all.
  15. BumbleBee Platter

    12 inch maple platter. Turned, carved and pyrography
  16. Spalted maple shallow bowl

    Turned a shallow bowl with a few coats of French polish. The spalting did leave some gray streaks after sanding, but that's the nature of the beast I imagine! Any tips for filling in end grain would be greatly appreciated, turning face grain left unsightly pock marks.
  17. Box Elder Platter

    Recently I bought a 6/4 , 9 1/2' by 17" wide slab of Box Elder. This was the first project done from that slab. I found it very easy to turn and finish. Its 14" diameter about 1 1/2" high. Lots more projects to come from this slab !
  18. Cake Platter

    Cake/pastry serving platter. About 11" diameter and 5" tall. Hard maple and walnut. Rim decoration made with Sorby texturing tool and the painted with acrylic paint. Overall finish is rattle can lacquer. This one does not have a Lazy Susan function.
  19. Natural edge crotch platter

    This September I had the opportunity to host a day long, hands on workshop in my workshop. My friend, Don Geiger, ( ) who is also a Robust lathe dealer brought in 5 lathes, a Stubby, 2 American beauties, a Sweet Sixteen, and a Liberty. We had Rudy Lopez, a very...
  20. Maple platter (dye test project)

    Width: 8 inches Height: .25 inches Finish: Water based dyes, Wipe on Poly over Tried & True Varnish Oil This is one of my first chances to play around with some water based dyes. I had some maple scrap left over from a couple of larger bowl turnings and decided to play around with it (Credit...
1-20 of 169 Results