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  1. Plates

    Here are a few new plates. I am still working on a design.
  2. Lathe Projects from Al King

    I was lucky enough to get some Northern Cedar from my Cousin that had very unusual grain patterns. I made several different turnings with that same wood Note the fingers with finger nails…. Spooky eh? to see more of the same go to my website
  3. Turned, Burned and Colored Plate

    This plate is turned out of Tulip Poplar beaded on both sides. Then the radial lines are drawn. After the plate comes off the lathe, the radial lines are burned into the wood. I use water based special markers and then finish with a spray finish. The other side of the plate has the same design...

    Dimensions 30×21x2cm, cherry wood. I cut grooves on router table using stop blocks. Laser engraved restaurant logo, finish wood oil. Last photo I've got from restaurant…realy have to try if they work well…hehehe.
  5. Cabinet Space Saver

    Well I guess it's actually a space user. It uses previously unused air space. Cabinets were getting a little crowded so I made a mini shelf for the dessert plates to live over the dinner plates. Sides are 1/4" tempered hardboard, shelf is 1/2' pine. Pin nails and glue join the two sides at...

    Ordered by some fast food / sendwich bar - 10 trays 60×40x4cm, 6mm brich plywood base,1cm thick firwood sides. Handle holes were carved on routertable with 10mm diameter spiral bit. Angle cuts were made on tablesaw and mitersaw. All parts were glued and stapled. Finsh - non glossy laquer, two...

    I made those sushi plates from white and dark part of walnut. Dimensions 20×40cm and 16×30cm, 12mm thick. I curved edges on bandsaw, just to make them more atractive. On bottom side , I stapled and glued some cork plugs. Finish - food friendly wood oil.
  8. Yin and Yang of Dim Sims…

    Boy and Girls, While it is highly rumoured that the delicious Dim Sims were an Australian invention made up of cats… these two cats are not as dim as they sim. A cat lover friend came across this Steve Good design he called (search for) Cuddling Cats and she insisted on a laser cut version...
  9. Chip carved plates

    These are a few plates that I carved for fun. I chose these plates to show you three different ways that a chip carving can be finished, natural, stained, and painted.
  10. Dinner Plate Shelf

    With large dinner plates, I did not like the idea of them stacked on top of one another. Why? Too easily chipped or scratched when taking them out or putting them away. So I made a shelf that separates the 4 dinner plates we have. I had some narrow strips of cedar that were the perfect height...
  11. Plate cabinet

    There is a place in our kitchen intended for a smaller refrigerator than the one we currently have. The wife wanted something to fill that void and this was my solution.
  12. Rustic Cedar Rocking Chair

    Our neighbor up at our cabin found some short pieces of cedar poles that the loggers left at their logging site, so he kindly donated them to me. He knew that I had purchased a "Logman Tenon Maker" from "Rockler Hardware" last year. It works quite well. It requires the use of a large router, &...
  13. Live Oak hollow form

    I turned this hollow vessel from a piece of Live Oak that was cut down due to safety issues. I had intended to make this bigger but there were bad and punky spots on it and it ended up to be approximately a 6" globe. The wood that still looks un-dyed around the hole was treated with thin CA glue...
  14. Finishing
    Hi all, I keep attempting to make a beer mug and on my second attempt I got it completely turned and finished with beeswax. I then try the water test over night for 10 hrs just to make sure that it would hold. When I checked on it, this morning, I discovered I had created a modern art...
  15. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    has anyone ever made a lathe or know how to make one? Im interesting in turning mostly bowls, and small plates, but i dont really have any money to buy one. i was thinking i could use a router, because i have two, and mount some sort of lathe chuck thingy to it.. but thats all i got. whats...
  16. Wood & Lumber
    My girlfriend and I are making a dishware set, bowls, plates, cups. We are turning this on the lathe and I wanted to know about the best sort of wood to use that can stand getting wet and dry repeatedly and not crack too soon. Any suggestions? ~edit~ Let me clarify. I only instead to hand wash...
1-17 of 17 Results