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  1. Walnut plate

    Mostly sapwood out of a crotch piece of walnut. Rough turned a few months ago just got around to finishing it. Sanded to 600, then used EEE and a friction polish. Thanks for looking
  2. My First Square Plate - Maple and African Mahogany

    I bought a lathe off of Craigslist a couple months ago and now I understand why people say woodturning is so addictive. There are so many new projects I want to try. I started out simple and made some Harry Potter wands as gifts, a small bowl, and some pens. At the same time, I still enjoy...
  3. Silky Oak Bowl

    This is a shallow bowl turned from silky oak; I think its marketed as lacewood in america. this one is turned with a bead on the rim. This is the first project I've used my light tent with. it made a big difference but I'm still learning how to get the best results with it. 180mm across by...
  4. Bamboo Zero Clearance Throat Plate for my New (to me) Unisaw

    I finally upgraded my saw to a Unisaw! It was long overdue and man-o-man is this thing a beast. I found it on CL about 15 miles from my house. It has very few hours on it, came will all the manuals, a mobile base, extension tables, and the Delta Tenoning jig. For $900 delivered! It's a 3hp 220...
  5. Birdhouse

    This is a birdhouse I am donating to the Feathered Event Auction in Jasper, GA! It is a copy of one my Mother has!
  6. Router Wing w/ Saddle Fence

    This is my 4th router attempt for this tablesaw wing. All others worked well for a while and let me down when adjustments needed to be made. That being the case, the design was based on being adjustable to those shifts and things that always happen. The table top is a salvaged 1.5" thick...
  7. Small Plate from Horse Chestnut

    A small woodturned plate from Horse Chestnut :)
  8. plate

    made of poplar,maple,oak,walnut and padauk. 8" x 9.5" x 1.5"
  9. 14" scalloped rim plate, my design

    Thanks for looking at this recent plate I chip carved. The border was fun to design and carve.
  10. Birth Announcement Plate

    Well a friend recently had baby girl and I wanted to do something special. I looked and looked and could not find what I wanted. I knew I wanted to do a wooden plate, and debated on whether or not to turn one myself. I finally decided, that due to time I would buy a pre-made plate. Again due to...
  11. Segment turning. Plate of bog oak

    Hello friends . I present to you my new project. This is a plate that is made from bog oak. And its edges are made of ash and bog oak segments.
  12. Paper Plate Plate(support)....Woodenware!

    This is a paper plate support plate that is made from 4 pieces of ambrosia maple and 5 strips of walnut. I had come across all this ambrosia maple in the off fall pile at school so I selected some of the more vivid pieces and added some walnut to make my 9" diameter needed for this plate. I cut...
  13. Spalted maple shallow bowl

    Turned a shallow bowl with a few coats of French polish. The spalting did leave some gray streaks after sanding, but that's the nature of the beast I imagine! Any tips for filling in end grain would be greatly appreciated, turning face grain left unsightly pock marks.
  14. Electroplated Woodwork

    These are items I turned (with exception of the cork halves) then electroplated using the plating/forming station I just posted. The items were copper plated using a solution of copper sulfate and battery acid with low voltage (approx. 1/2 volt) and amperage (approx. 1/2 amp) from an anode to...
  15. Tableware

    Hey guy someone told me about this site so I decided I should post my favorite project i have ever done. Backstory on this project: I went to a Tech high school and as a finally project we made individual things that went along with our shops. I was in Carpentry so I did a table setting. It was...
  16. Bandsaw Bowl and Plate

    This is a bloodwood bandsaw bowl and plate to match for my wife, red being her favorite color. The bowl is 13 inches in diameter and 4 and 1/2 inches tall. The plate is 13 inches in diameter and 1 inch thick. The finish is polished water varnish. The bowl was made from one board 13 inches...
  17. Recent Turnings

    This is what i've been up to, the first picture is a camphor-rosewood miniature hollowform 1 1/4×15/16" finished with thin superglue, micro meshed then scratch-X then some kind liquid of car wax (dont remember the name) i reallyyy like turning miniatures :D this hollowform is going to be given...
  18. My First Three Turnings.....

    I've finally been taking some time to play around on the lathe I picked up before Christmas. Never turned before this, but finding it is great fun! Managed to transform a couple of scrap pieces of wood into various sized splinters before I got these three projects to turn out reasonably well...
  19. plate

    Made out of misc.branches of wood. Black polyester has been casted between the branches. It is 11 1/4"D x 1 1/2"H.
  20. Silky Oak Natural Edge

    hey everyone, this is my first go at a natural edge bowl turned from silky oak which I think is marketed as lacewood in the US its 70mm tall by 130mm wide (about 3 by 5 inches) the finish is EEE Ultra Shine and Shellawax thanks for looking comments and critiques welcome
1-20 of 177 Results