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  1. Projects Wooden Garden Planter

    I have started my own woodworking journey as a hobby. I have started building wooden planters for around the house because my wife wants more color around. I bought a Metabo HPT miter saw, a Ryobi drill and impact driver kit, and a pocket hole jig as recommended by a youtube channel I started...
  2. Planter

    I don't usualy paint my woodworking projects, but try to make differnce with metal look spray paint on that. It's made for our terrace makeover, initiated by my wife. It's made of firwood slats which were glued on thin playwood inside with mitered corners. The pattern was made on router table...
  3. Flower planter

    I had the main water line access panel on my front yard and it looked ugly so I decided to put a planter on top of it. I still needed to be able to access the water line so the center can be easily removed.
  4. Planter

    Four foot planter, casts are from an old grain drill just sanded and repainted. Red cedar with helmsman spar.
  5. Planter box

    The box material is cedar tone treated wood and galvanized corrugated steel siding.
  6. Log planter

    I made this log planter for my parents in law since I thought it would look nice with some flowers below their farm sign. The planter is made from a hollowed out log of oak. For the hollowing process I used a chain saw and my newly restored adzes. Even though the log is quite small it was good...
  7. Planters for Christmas

    OK, it's 20 degrees with a stiff wind. But if the customer wants planters, we make planters. They are 25 inches across and about 20 inches tall. I make a lot of these in spring and summer. If anyone wants a cut list, let me know. Thanks for looking
  8. Planter & Teteur (Flower Tower)

    Wood Magazine plan DP00185 & DP00265. I completed them about March 2007. Some nice growth now.
  9. 3 Tier Plant Stand

    Here's a rolling plant stand I built for the patio. I posted a version of the plans in the 3d Warehouse. You can build this with less than one 4×8 sheet of plywood. The blog for the build is over on GardenTenders, you can read it here.
  10. Planter

    This is a planter I made for the final project in a basic woodworking class. The legs are made from laminated white oak and walnut, the rails and bottom are hard maple, and the thin vertical strips are cherry. All the joinery is mortise and tenon, and the finish is several coats of Minwax...
  11. Planter box

    I made this from crate wood with the rough side out. I intend to let it weather naturally to a nice grey. Adjusting the ledges will allow for different height plants.
  12. Planter from Ash and Zebra-wood

    I had no idea what this would be when I started turning it. For a while I thought I might be making a bell shape, and I started thinking about a handle and everything. Then I brought it in the house and my wife said that it would be a very good planter. I added a few burn lines top and...
  13. Buy a small wooden trellis????

    The wife and I were shopping for a nice plant to place near the front of the house, we found the perfect one. Although I could see from her expression it was the right one but needed a little something…. That's when it happened she noticed a small WOOD trellis for SALE that would finish off the...
  14. One down two to go

    Made with western red cedar. 2' x 6' x 40" tall 17" deep. The garden is moving closer to the house to make it easier to maintain instead of being way out back. Thanks for looking.
  15. Cedar Planters

    I built six of these planters for my wife for mothers day. Three blue, two green, and one lime green. All made out of cedar I had left over from other projects. The blue planters enclose a 'pressure treated box' that I built to hold in the dirt. The green planters have a plastic liner that...
  16. Water trough planter with pump

    I saw a picture of this planter and wanted to make one. I used pallet wood and aged it with vinegar and a steel wool pad but I'll let nature age the pump.
  17. Cedar planter by newbie

    This cedar planter is "inspired by" a widely distributed plan by Real Cedar (the Western Red Cedar Trade Association. The plan includes a skp file, simple and clear directions even a newbie (i.e., me) can follow. The legs here are red cedar, screwed-and-glued into L shaped corners. The...
  18. Vintage style wheelbarrow/planter

    Made from "rescued cedar, at least mostly. I had to buy the 2 by 2 for the handles. Length 46 inches, wheel diameter is 11" and the box length is 20' at the bottom. the box is 10 inches deep and 12 inches wide. Screwed and glued construction. A light torching for effect and then let nature...
  19. Planter Wheelbarrow

    This is My planter wheelbarrow its also made from used pallets screwed and glued together. The whole family now want these.
1-20 of 192 Results