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  1. Limbert 244 plant stand

    Hey gang, I have one plant, a rubber plant (or maybe a jade plant, I guess I should go over to garden tenders and ask) that I've raised from a broken branch. The great thing about this plant is even with my brown thumb I can not water it for 4~6 months, give it a drink, and it's fine. Just the...
  2. Stickley style oak plant stand

    The December 2015 Issue of Woodworker's Journal magazine has a neat looking Stickley style oak plant stand. I decided to build 3 of these as Christmas 2016 gifts to family members. The 2 shelves are loose floor ceramic tiles, 12×12" nominal dimension. I guess if the plants leak water when you...
  3. Plant Stand

    My wife wanted a new plant stand for our new sun room ( converted hot tub room) and I had made some before using oak and with straight legs. They were quick to make but when the tops got wet the oak turned black. So this gave me a chance to try out some concepts I had not used before. I wanted...
  4. Reclaimed Quartersawn Oak Plant Stand

    Formerly a mail order quartersawn oak fireplace surround, had about 8 coats of paint, I left some for rememberence, also salvaged what was left of the original product tag, and it is behind about 10 coats of poly on an inside leg
  5. Side Table or Plant Stand

    This project was made with two 2×4s and two solid wood round discs. Although it's hard to see in the photos, the pillar has a unique shape due to the v-notched 2×4s. This design is very sturdy and should hold about anything you would like to place on it. Build Instructions...
  6. Shaker Style Plant Stands Part 2

    As promised in part 1, here are two more shaker plant stands, these with shelves and inset apron (right term?). The original incarnation is shown at the left in the first picture. Left new stand is of white oak and the second pic shows the knot detail I included and filled with tinted epoxy...
  7. Craftsman Plant Stands

    My wife's plants love these plant stands. I found the basic plans in Woodsmith. The joints are all loose tenons so the only tricky part was getting the angle correct on the rail tenons. The rest of the project was window dressing to bring out the Craftsman style. The original plans called for...
  8. Stickley styled Plant Stand

    This is piece #4 in my line of Stickley styled Bedroom furniture. Plant stand in solid QSWO, marble top shelf and a full bottom shelf (we do have over 50 house plants). Thanks for looking!
  9. Plant Stand

    I made this stand after seeing the one made by schloemoe posted here a little while ago: I also found that I had issue 177 of Wood Magazine, July 2007. The legs are made of some old reclaimed 2×4s. All other parts are made from reclaimed Pine T&G...
  10. A tale of two plant stands. Now there are four.

    Just before Easter my pastor mentioned that he could use two more plant stands to match the pair that sit behind the altar. The originals are a Mutt and Jeff, one is taller than the other. I took careful measurements of the originals and examined how they were put together. After a while I...
  11. Plant stand or bench

    Made this plant stand or small bench from Oak. I used plans from here then shortened it and removed the cross pieces. There are two coats of Minwax Espresso with Poly.
  12. Adjustable Plant Stand

    This plant stand is constructed of red oak. I saw a similar stand at a friends house and decided to make a couple. I cut the notches via bandsaw as well as the ratchet piece and the stabilizing piece on the bottom. There is a dowel which allows the ratchet to swing. There is no hardware in...
  13. Stand

    This is a stand (phone stand, side table, plant stand, anything stand…) I made for my sister for Christmas because she liked the one I made for my mother so much. Its made from Poplar and the legs are made from some wood that I recycled from an old piano. The legs have a slight curve on the...
  14. Making classic furniture from ONE 2 x 4

    So, I challenged myself to make a furniture grade piece…from ONE 2×4!
  15. Mission Plant Stand

    This was one of my projects I made a school. Good project to learn moris and tenon joinery. - Solid Oak Construction - Mission Style. Mortise and Tennon - Hunter Green Tile top - Golden Oak Stain - Poly Finish
  16. Woodworking Skill Share
    I recently bought two small sticks of this beautiful Central American wood locally. They were both coated in wax when I got them. I thought that was a bit strange, so I asked the salesman why. He said the wood will get darker when exposed to the air. Does anyone know how long this darkening...
  17. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hello I need to build homemade table saw, and I need dimensions of good and popular table saw like Delta. If someone be so kind and help me with dimensions? Im attach jpg file to show what dimensions I need. Sorry if bad category. Michal Poland
  18. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I got a porter cable table saw a few years ago and it worked fine till today. it wont make a sound or turn on when I press the switch. I am getting power to the rocker switch but don't know what to check next. I made a mistake and unhooked the wires from the switch and did not write down the...
  19. Woodworking Skill Share
    I am working on making a lamp for Gracie Barra. The shade will be stained glass. The base will be turned. I am not sure what type of wood the base will be. The reason for this post is to offer a "how to" blog on stained glass. If there is enough interest I will write a blog on how to cut...
  20. Wood & Lumber
    A fiend in the area dropped by this morning and left this piece of wood. He called it Tiger wood, but to me it looks like it might be Zebra. It is a nice piece 20 inches long x 5 inches wide x 1 inch thick. Very heavy and hard.
61-80 of 87 Results